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Cleaning Services

How an Unemployed Graduate, Become an ambassador of Aatmnirbhar Bharat

In India unemployment among the youth is a very wide and complex issue. Addressing the problem contains massive rearrangement of the policies, practices, and infrastructure. At the time when the world is getting older, we are getting younger. India is the youngest country in the world as far as the age is concerned currently 50% of the population of India is below 30 years. Such fresh blood has fresh ideas, strong ambition and power of change but unemployment becomes a curse for them as parallelly have the pressure of financials they have to look forward their families, Parents are getting old, love ones and own career.

In this scenario when things are going in the wrong direction, youth took unpredictable steps. Which ruins the whole life of the youth, interest in drug addiction, frustration, and depression. Their skills, education, and talent got destroyed and instead of solving the situation, it got more devastated. It is our responsibility to show the brighter direction to them so they move towards a positive and effective way. Strengthen their life and the nation’s future.

Life-Changing Inspirational Story of Ravindra

Here is an Inspirational Story of Ravindra Chandra, who shows a direction to all the unemployed youth who is on the way to frustration and drug addiction. Collaborations changed his life and background story. Ravindra Chandra is a twenty-three-year-old who belongs to the Kodagu a district situated in the state of Karnataka. He is from a lower-middle-class community, his father has a small outlet of Textile in Kodagu only and his mother used to work in Anganwadi (courtyard shelter) an initiative of the government. After completing his senior high school he moved to Bangalore for his bachelor's. Once his bachelor's done. He was looking for Jobs and got enrolled in some interviews, but unfortunately, things did not get on the track as desired. Six months has been passed, and pressure on Ravindra C also getting increasing as still, his expenses are bear by his parents as already they lack resources or income sources.

His movement towards the negative path is just on began, his engagement with the drugs turning into addictions, as nowadays drugs are becoming new normal but people don’t understand its hazardous outcomes on the Mental and Physical Health. Most of this time got spent on these things, and his frustration and concern for his parents are also in the picture. One usual day while scrolling the social media, he got the information about the TechSquadTeam and their work. He got to know How TechSquadTeam transformed the lives of hundreds of unemployed youth and made them self-determined. He scheduled a call with the team, and get to know more about the onboarding procedures and requirements. Later he applied for it.

Fresh Journey – New People & New Approach

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The dedicated technical team of the Organisation gives him complete detailed information, technical skill training, introduction to the machinery, chemicals, process, feedback, and communication with stage-by-stage development. Ravindra C got to know a lot of knowledge about the work, once the training period was over he was onboarded as the associate of the TechSquadTeam and started working. As time passes Ravindra started getting bookings from different localities of Bangalore, he is getting treated very well, and in the community, he has an identity now. If we see Ravindra a few months back, his life was towards destruction and now he is living a respectful life, leading his career is in progress, and also now he is supporting his parents financially. Nowadays Ravindra also showing the direction to his college unemployed friends, taking out them from the negative path. Enrolling them with the TechSquadTeam. His thought is now, that from the period he struggled he will try that their friends will not go on same.

TechSquadTeam believes that solving the unemployment issue from the youth is not only the responsibility of the State or Union Government but ours too. With the same vision, a large portion of the service charges of the work is directly shared with the associates and a dedicated procedure is designed for the training and onboarding process. TechSquadTeam's effective technological system avails an easy process of booking different services such as Salon, Deep Home Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Pest Control, Virus Fumigation & Sanitization, and multiple other services in Bangalore. Youth get a very wide option of working as per the interest and people get effective & efficient work done. Get the enrollment done and become a Partner with Us.


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