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Common AC Problems You May Witness This Summer

Air Conditioner (AC) has come into our life as a blessing. It makes our life comfortable during the heat. Bhubaneswar is considered to be one of the hottest cities in India. And obviously, the use of ACs in Bhubaneswar is relatively high. But sometimes due to the scorching heat of summer, people face some common ac problems and somehow they get a solution to it.  It is impossible to think about living without an AC in our home or office during the scorching heat of summer. However, like with any other electronic appliance, AC needs service from time to time. Even sometimes repairing or replacing faulty parts. This work is something you can’t do yourself. You must hire a professional for AC Repair Services in Bhubaneswar.

AC repairing can be troublesome and you may end up paying more for duplicate parts and a mere general service. TechSquadTeam is a leading organization that offers high-quality AC repairing, maintenance, and installation services. We specialize in both commercial and residential Split AC Repair Services in Bhubaneswar.  Our technicians are highly trained and reliable professionals that can fix any issue with your AC.

Common AC Problems:

Less Cooling

If your room is still warm even after using the AC, there may be some fault with it. There can be many factors that could cause this:

  • The air filters may be clogged up, which are to be cleaned for the passing of the air.
  • The condensers may be dirty with some debris remaining on them. This way the condenser may not be able to remove the air heat.
  • The compressor might be damaged. This would result in the coolant not spreading through the condenser coil. A failing compressor will not make your room cool.
  • When your AC is leaking, most of the time it’s just water. Water commonly drips from HVAC systems due to disconnected or clogged drain lines. Frozen evaporator coils or an overflowing/cracked drain pipe can also cause water leakage. Normally it is not that dangerous, but be sure to repair it.
  • Sometimes your AC can also leak coolants, but it’s very rare. Coolants can be dangerous if the leak evaporates and turns into gas. In such cases, contact TechSquadTeam for immediate repair.

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Weird AC Sounds:

If your AC is making a weird, buzzing sound, it is most likely to be malfunctioning. Usually, it is caused by compressor malfunction, coolant leaks, missing/broken isolation feet, or loose parts. Nevertheless, you should contact TechSquadTeam the moment you hear any strange sound coming from your AC.

  • The compressor is the most essential part of your AC. If there is a buzzing sound, it could mean the compressor is malfunctioning.
  • Sometimes your AC can freeze up as it is being used. This happens when the coolant/refrigerant starts to leak, resulting in a buzzing sound as it does.
  • The AC sits on small rubber feet at the base called “isolation feet”. After using the AC for a while, those isolation feet can crack, leading to the compressor losing its balance. This will cause strange sounds when the AC is in use.
  • Every tiny part of an AC work together to give you cool air. If any one part comes loose, it puts pressure on other parts. After enough wear and tear, those parts start to make buzzing sounds.
Pungent Smell from AC
  • If you experience a pungent or foul smell when you use the AC, it is usually dead rodents or critters stuck inside it. Sometimes birds and insects take shelter inside the duct and get trapped in the equipment. As time passes, the foul smell of these dead animals is emitted when you use the AC.
  • If you have a ductless AC system (central AC), critters like lizards, spiders, etc. get stuck in your indoor unit. After being dead they start inducing a rotten smell that can be very unpleasant.

When you start experiencing these types of issues with your AC, it’s time to type “AC Repair Services Near Me” in Google, go to the webpage of TechSquadTeam, and hire our expert technicians.

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