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How to Prevent Cockroach Infestations from your Home?-Tech Squad Team

By TechSquadTeam    Aug 01, 2018

Cockroach pest infestation can prove to be an absolute nightmare. The creepy cockroaches are reasons for spreading tons of diseases. You will be su

4 Signs that Indicates a Bed Bug Infestation / Techsquad Team

By TechSquadTeam    Jul 02, 2018

Do you think bed bugs only reside in the mattresses? These small pests that feed by sucking blood from humans or animals can live in any place insi

4 Ways Of Enjoying Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning

By TechSquadTeam    Jan 08, 2018

Do you want to clean your home in an eco-friendly way? Green home cleaning does not include toxic or harmful chemicals. This ensures you stay safe

5 Pest Control Tips for Every Household to Ensure Infestation Free Space

By TechSquadTeam    Dec 29, 2017

Every household should take preventive measures to enjoy a pest-free space to live-in and get complete peace of mind. Pests such as cockroaches, ro

What are the Signs of a Faulty Geyser in your Home?

By TechSquadTeam    Dec 27, 2017

Winter season comes with the celebrations and festivities. In order to eliminate the discomfort of bathing, washing, and cleaning, most of the home

3 Types of Pests Found in Residential and Commercial Setting

By TechSquadTeam    Dec 19, 2017

Pests can be a nightmare for your home or any kind of commercial setting. It is quite frustrating to deal all alone with the pest problems in your