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Traditional Saree Drapping
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Saree draping:
  • Traditional saree draping
  • Trendy and gorgeous saree draping
  • Casual to bridal saree draping styles
  • Professional beauticians for the service
  • Safe and Hassle-free saree draping
Advanced style:
  • Traditional saree draping
  • Trendy and gorgeous saree draping
  • Casual to bridal saree draping styles
  • Professional beauticians for the service
  • Safe and Hassle-free saree draping
  • No guarantee about the saree pleats after the draping if tempered frequently.
  • Our team should not be asked to provide other services except for the specified service that they have been booked for.

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  • Traditional Saree Drapping

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  • 07-Apr-2022
  • Traditional Saree Drapping

Very Good service by Techsquadteam!! Thankyou

Ayushmita Mohapatra

  • 14-Mar-2022
  • Traditional Saree Drapping

All About Traditional Saree Draping

Traditional Saree Draping in lucknow, India

TechSquadTeam provides professional help in draping sarees of different cultures and materials. From traditional Odia style saree draping to indo-western fancy style saree draping, we offer all types of saree draping services. Fashion trends in India change now and then, but the one trend that remains constant is the Traditional Indian Saree. For forever, the saree has been India’s own identity in the garment which has always reflected a woman’s beauty and elegance.

Our experienced and professional beauticians are the best in this field and provide you with the saree style according to your requirement. Be it for casual wear or a wedding, TechSquadTeam is here to drape you in a beautiful saree. A saree is made from varieties of materials such as cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. India has various types of saree styles that have even inspired the fashion outlook of the entire world. As graceful as it is, wearing a saree can be pretty difficult if you don’t know the correct way.

Why Traditional Style Saree Draping in lucknow?

  • Odia Saree Draping:

    The women of Odisha have been applauded for the Odia-style saree draping for years now. Generally, the saree is worn with neat pleats and the pallu over the left shoulder.

  • Bengali Saree Draping:

    The style in which the Bengali saree is draped is quite unique from other styles. The Bengali saree style is also called “shadaa sheede”, due to its simple and elegant nature. Sarees from any region can be used to drape it in Bengali style, which will still look graceful. You could also opt for any cotton variety that is white with red borders to get the classic look right. The Bengali style does not have any pleats in the front; rather it has a long dropping style.

  • Maharashtrian Saree Draping:

    It is one of the most beloved styles of saree draping, that has not only been showcased in popular Indian cinemas but also has made its mark in Indian fashion. It is often called “ Nauvari Saree Drape”, which highlights curvaceous figures, allows room to walk fast, and work with ease. The Maharashtrian saree style can also be worn both with and without a petticoat and for a classic look, you can wear the blouse of the Khun fabric from Belgaum.

  • Marwadi Saree Draping:

    The Marwadi style of saree draping is also called the Rajasthani style. This style is often worn with bright colours and air fabrics such as red or yellow. This type of draping is usually good for summer. The Marwadi-style draping is best for any traditional folk festival.

  • Gujarati Saree Draping:

    One of the most popular saree draping styles in Gujarat. The Gujarati style is worn by the pallu being pulled over the shoulder and spreading to the front, while the ends of the saree are carefully hidden on the sides. The Gujarati style is often chosen for Garba nights, through which you can play the Garba with vigor and energy. This saree style also provides women an advantage to show off their jewelry in full essence. The Gujarati saree draping style is lovingly organized and provides a sense of tradition.

  • Mekhla Chador Saree Draping:

    This style of saree draping originated in the state of Assam. It consists of two pieces of clothes, one draped on the top and the other on the bottom. The bottom cloth is called Mekhla that is tucked into pleats towards the right side of the waist. The Chador is tucked in the upper portion at one end and draped off the upper body on the other. This type of saree style is popularly worn at the festival of Bihu.

  • South-Indian Saree Draping:

    The South-Indian style saree draping often opts for special occasions like weddings and Receptions. This style consists of pleats in the front and is best to showcase your jewelry. Different states of South India have different styles of saree draping styles. The one thing common is that it is simple and graceful.

Why Modern Style Saree Draping in lucknow?

  • Fusion Style Drape:

    It’s the 21st century and while the world learns about our style, we also need to reciprocate with some fusion wear of traditional-modern attire. There is a whole lot of experimenting you can do to achieve your desi-fusion look. Not only is it contemporary, but it can also be stylish and fun too. You can use a scarf instead of pallu and sneakers instead of heels. You can wear pants underneath and tops instead of a blouse. You can do many fusions, as long as it's glamorous and elegant.

  • Pleated Style Drape:

    The “pallu” of a saree is a work of art. You may not realize, the styling of pallu can make or break the whole saree look. Pleats are the crossed design of the saree done in the front from the waist down. Pleat design is a formal look of saree draping which is much loved as a classic saree look.

  • Pant Style Drape:

    It is a modern twist to traditional saree draping. There are multiple saree pants you can choose from to nail this look, such as flared pants, dhoti pants, churidars, etc. This style is comfortable and ideal for both parties and weddings. You can style your saree pants with some crop top or a long shirt instead of blouses.

  • Casual Floaty Drape:

    A perfect fashion enthusiast knows what to wear on a particular occasion. Granted that sarees are mostly worn for special occasions like weddings, but who said you can’t wear them for casual events like birthday parties or dinner? The casual floaty style saree draping is perfect for such occasions. The pleats are to a minimum with the pallu pleated slightly on your elbow to keep your arms free. This style is very comfortable and you will feel as light as a breeze.

  • Dhoti Style Drape:

    Among the pant style saree look, one of the most popular in that section is dhoti style saree draping. The dhoti-style saree not only is super comfortable but also gives a very traditional look. This style is for those days when you do not want any hassle of wearing difficult and highly complicated clothing. A silhouette with a gorgeous metallic sequined blouse will complement this look very much.

  • Belt Style Drape:

    One of the most popular trends is styling your saree with a belt. Depending on the occasion, you can go for any type of belt you want. If it is for a festival or wedding, you can go for a studded jeweled belt, and for formal events, you can choose a leather belt to go with your saree.

  • Retro Style Drape:

    The retro style or the “Mumtaz” style of saree draping is a version of the look that was started by the actress Mumtaz in old Bollywood movies that continued from the 50s to the 90s. The retro style is now making a comeback with many celebrities following this trend. You can use this style of saree draping for a Bollywood theme party or just for a retro-style party.

  • Scarf Style Drape:

    It is a modernized style of saree draping where instead of the pallu going over the shoulder, you can wear it like a scarf. It is a stylish and different saree look with a hint of western touch. You can even skip the pleats and keep it simple at the bottom. The scarf-style saree draping is trendy, super-casual, and provides an off-beat ethnic look to the woman wearing it.

Points to be Noted

  • Service Time – 1 Hour (Depending on the requirement of the customer)

  • No. of Staff Sent – 1 Beauticians (Depending on the number of people availing the service)

  • Equipment Used – Saree pins, and saree pleats ironing machines, should be provided by the customer.

  • No extra tips for our beauticians apart from the finalized pricing.

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