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Rodent Pest Control Services in mumbai (40% OFF)

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  • Complete removal of rodents from home
  • Deep inspection of places with rodents breeding
  • Use of poison cakes and gum pads
  • Effective & long-lasting treatment
  • Well – trained exterminators
1 BHK (up to 750 sq. ft) - Single service
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2 BHK (up to 1200 sq. ft) - Single service
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3 BHK (up to 1600 sq. ft) - Single service
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4 BHK (up to 2000 sq. ft) - Single service
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More Than 2000 sq ft (Inspection Charges)
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Others (Inspection Charges)
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Book Rodent Pest Control Services in Mumbai

Book Rodent Pest Control Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What should I do about my rodent infestation at home?
    Rodents like rats and mice invade your home in search of food and shelter. Unorganised and messier homes attract rodent infestation faster than clean and de-cluttered houses. Now if you already have a rat or mice infestation, you can either try to treat the infiltration on your own by using the harmful chemicals in market and setting traps that might be an unpleasant affair or call professional rodent control services to take care of the situation for you in a safe and eco-friendly way. Just give a call on 080-4653-5800 or visit and get a long term solution for your rodent problem.
  • How often should I check my home for rodent infestation?
    Rodents can be pesky and it becomes very hard to monitor them. They can find a single crack or opening and get inside your home. Even with proper supervision they can still be found hiding inside your home. So getting professionals to give a proper inspection of your home is very vital. You should call them at least once every month to get an apt scrutiny of your home.
  • What kind of poison baits does TechSquadTeam use for rodent control?
    TechSquadTeam has always been an advocate of eco-friendly techniques to remove pests from your home or office. We do not use any kind of harmful chemicals like poison baits at your home. We provide rat traps, glue boards and use government-approved chemicals only in case of intense infestations. Poison baits can be dangerous for your pets and children at home and we value our customer’s safety more, so we do not use them.
  • Will the treatment stop the invasion of rats into the house completely?
    Pests are very tricky to handle and it’s not at all possible for any exterminator or pest control service to give you a 100% guaranteed service. We try our best and provide you with eco-friendly, safe and strong rodent control methods to keep rodents away from your home as much as possible. But a single service is cannot stop rodents from entering your home forever. You can go for our Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC service under which we offer you a weekly or 15 days or monthly service after analysing the intensity of your rodent infestation.
  • Should I go for regular treatments to keep my property pest-free?
    Yes, of course. Pests like rats and mice are very small and nimble. They are hard to track and avoid. They can be nesting inside your home without you even having any idea for a long time. Rather than going for regular treatments you should go for regular inspections of your home from time to time and treat your property if you really have the infestation.
  • How to know whether I have a rodent infestation?
    Rodent infestation is not very hard to comprehend. Rodents destroy everything once they invade a particular place. They first search for food and then build nests for reproducing more rodents. So, if they have invaded your home then you can know that by visiting your kitchen at night. They make sound while scampering away as soon as you enter. The place that they scavenge for food gives out odd smells. They defecate all around the floor. In case of intense infestation they start building their nests and they need clothes and paper for that which they get from your bedroom cabinets or drawing room magazines or old newspapers on shelves.
  • Which is the best rodent control in Bangalore?
    Most people look for affordable pricing and quality of service when they are looking to appoint a pest control service for their rat or mice infestations. You can also find many companies online or locally that would be offering you rodent control. However, hiring TechSquadTeam would be a better decision if you are interested in saving money, time and effort. We provide you with on-time service delivery, affordable pricing with discounts and hassle-free services.
  • Can I just do the rodent control on my own and use pesticides?
    Yes, you can of course do the rodent control on your own and use pesticides but that can be harmful to you and your loved one’s health. Some of the chemicals that are available in the market are very dangerous to deal with and if you are going with traps it might be a messy affair to deal with the trapped pest. Apart from all this if your kid or pet stumbles upon the chemicals or poison cakes that you are going to use as pesticides then it might be harmful for their health as well. So, it is always advisable to hire professional rodent pest control to eradicate the rodent problem from your home or office.
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