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Kitchen Cleaning Services in chennai

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Full Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Clean stoves, burners along with chimney hoods
  • Removal of oil stains, grease and other spice stains
  • Removal of waste food and other residue
  • Cleaning the storage cabinets
  • Clean the countertops of kitchen appliances
  • Clean the water sinks, taps, and kitchen tiles
  • Clean exhaust fan, along with switch boards
Full Kitchen (Without Chimney)
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INR 3048 INR 1524

Full Kitchen (Without Chimney) + Appliances
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INR 3598 INR 1799

Full Kitchen (Without Chimney) + Utensil Removal
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INR 3998 INR 1999

Full Kitchen (With Chimney)
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INR 4298 INR 2149

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Book Doorstep Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai

No other places in your house require more cleaning than our kitchen does, because that’s where our food is prepared. Sanitary and hygienic conditions are absolutely necessary for any kitchen. Proper cleaning is required to prevent you and your family from food-borne diseases. The best option to perfectly clean your kitchen is to hire a professional kitchen cleaning service. With excellent cleaning methods and solutions, they will make your kitchen shiny and germ-free.

TechSquadTeam provides the best kitchen cleaning services in Chennai for both residential and commercial purposes at affordable prices. We use only safe and effective cleaning solutions to ensure well-sanitized and a hygienic kitchen where one can prepare the food in a healthy way. If you are looking for a quick and effective solution for your kitchen cleaning needs, then TechSquadTeam is the ultimate destination. Our cleaners are well-trained and highly skilled to ensure hygienic, germ-free, and clean kitchens according to your schedule.

kitchen cleaning
kitchen cleaning
TechSquadTeam does not outsource any services. Our own skilled and well-trained cleaners do the kitchen cleaning to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Why to Hire Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai?

kitchen cleaning

Quicker Cleaning at your Convenience:

When you have a party or function in your house, the kitchen always gets messy. You won’t have the time or patience to clean it afterward. By booking the professionals, your kitchen gets clean in no time, while you get to relax after a tiring affair.

kitchen cleaning

Expert Cleaning:

The professionals have hands-on experience in cleaning different types of kitchens. They are skilled and well-trained. They have effective tools and use efficient methods to clean every area of your kitchen. Hiring professionals means getting the cleanliest version of your kitchen.

kitchen cleaning

They bring their own Products:

The kitchen is a mixture of different materials. Knowing which solution works on which material is very important. Luckily, the professionals bring their own cleaning solutions and equipment. This saves you from going on solution shopping and buying useless expensive products.

kitchen cleaning

Why Book TechSquadTeam for Kitchen Cleaning in Chennai?

  • Well-trained and skilled professional cleaners
  • Customized solutions
  • Use of safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Affordable packages and prices
  • Use of advanced machinery and equipment
  • Stains and dirt removal
  • Thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai Includes/Excluded

  • Cleaning the exterior of stove, burners, and chimney hoods
  • Cleaning the windows, doors, ventilators, exhaust fans, etc. from outside
  • Removal of oil, grease, or any stains
  • Cleaning of Storage Cabinets
  • Removal of waste
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Thorough Cleaning of the floor and kitchen tiles
  • Cleaning and disinfecting wash basin, sink, sink fittings, etc.
  • Sanitizing the countertops and appliance surfaces
  • Cleaning of Electrical fixtures, ceiling fans, switchboards
  • No guarantee on oil, old marks, and stubborn blemishes but we try our best. If insisted, it can hamper the surface.
  • Our team should not be asked to displace appliances and heavy fixtures
  • Cleaning of Utensils is not included

Sanitized Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chennai

kitchen cleaning
  • Includes all the services from Kitchen Cleaning Service
  • Disinfecting the counter surfaces and electronic appliances
  • Disinfecting the frequently touched places and things
  • Wearing gloves and using disinfected cleaning tools
  • Sanitising the kitchen floors and sinks
  • Disposing the garbage in a proper way using sanitizers
kitchen cleaning

TechSquadTeam Services

  • "Service Time" 2 To 3 Hours (Depending on the Size of Your Kitchen)
  • "No. of Staff Sent" 1 To 2 Cleaners (Depending on the Size and Requirement)
  • Equipment Used: Scrubbing Brush, Mops, Sponges, Squeegee, Steel Wool, Cloth Towels, Cleaning Solution, Rubber Gloves
  • Stool/ladder, electrical connection, and water should be provided by the customer.
  • No extra tips for our cleaners apart from the finalized pricing.

To book professional kitchen cleaning services in Chennai at a low price, give us a call today at 07795001555!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Is it possible to reschedule a booking to a later date with TechSquadTeam?
    Yes, it is definitely possible. With TechSquadTeam, you will find it very easy to book or services and also rescheduling them. Just for your convenience, we provide you up to 2 hours’ time frame before dispatching our crew to your place. You can change the timing of your service to any other time before 2 hours of your current scheduled time. You can give a call 080-4653-5800 to our customer service desk and an agent will help you in rescheduling your booking according to your time and suitability.
  • Do you use chemicals that are safe and bio-degradable?
    At TechSquadTeam, we give significant emphasis to your well-being and health for which we always use cleaning solutions that are safe and eco-friendly. Our cleaning solvents are even government-approved. We understand that while hiring our service you want to get a wholesome and risk-free cleaning solution and focus on giving that to you.
  • What if I’m not pleased with the service?
    Our team always strives to provide you with the best possible service available. We are ready to compromise on time but not on quality. Our team has been trained to take a little more time but to deliver you with the prefect output. However, if you are not satisfied with our services, we are happy to work again till the time you are pleased.
  • Can you come on the same day for kitchen cleaning service?
    Our services can be booked in advance. So many people book the time slots in advance. If you want to book for the same day it is possible but the same day time slots should be available, so that our crew can reach your place on time and provide you with excellent cleaning solution.
  • How do I schedule an appointment with TechSquadTeam?
    TechSquadTeam provides very easy way to schedule a booking with us. We provide you multiple options to do that. You simply call on 080-4653-5800 and talk to one of our customer care executives and schedule your booking timings. Apart from that you can chat with our executive at our website page and ask them to do the job for you or you can mail your request to us at You can also request a call back on your available time from our website by filling just your name and mobile number.
  • What are the benefits of availing your Kitchen Cleaning services?
    Our professional cleaners use advanced tools and equipment to provide you with eco-friendly kitchen solutions. Our prices are affordable and our cleaning staff is highly professional, skilled and experienced.
  • What is included in your kitchen cleaning services?
    We provide you a complete solution to your messy kitchen with our deep kitchen cleaning services. Our service includes, cleaning the windows and doors, cleaning the floor and the tiles, removing oil, grease and stains from walls and countertops, sanitizing the sinks, wiping and cleansing the gas stove, rearranging the cabinets in an orderly fashion, waste removal and cobweb removal.
  • How much does it cost for someone to clean your kitchen?
    Kitchen cleaning costs in Chennai cannot be fixed without knowing the size of your kitchen and the kitchen utilities it has.
  • What is included in a kitchen cleaning?
    Usually kitchen cleaning in Chennai includes cleaning the floors, the kitchen cabinets, the food stations, the sink, clutter bins, and the appliances.
  • What should be cleaned daily in a kitchen?
    Everything in the kitchen needs to be cleaned on regular routine. However, floors, kitchen utensils, sinks, cabinets need regular cleaning in Chennai.
  • What are 4 important cleaning tasks required for the cleanliness of your kitchen?
    To maintain a clean kitchen in Chennai, you need to focus on some basic factors such as garbage’s disposal, floor mopping, sink cleaning, and many more.
  • What is the fastest way to clean a kitchen?
    Remove the dust, look for the dirty utilities, sweep the floor, wipe down the sink, and clean the trash all of these are the fastest ways to clean the kitchen in Chennai.
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