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Cockroach Control in Jharia 40% OFF

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Cockroach Pest Control Services in Jharia

TechSquadTeam offers fast and safe cockroach pest control services throughout Jamadoba at a reasonable price. For bungalow and other specific area, TechSquadTeam will do the inspection before the price quote. The inspection/Visitation charge of Rs.100 will be adjusted against the final bill.

Control method

  • Gel Baiting - Long lasting & effective gel to control infestation for a longer period

  • Residual Spray - Reduces infestation immediately


  • Harmless treatment with Govt permitted chemicals

  • Completely odorless solution

  • No need to empty Kitchen or vacate areas during treatment

  • Treatment will last up to 3-4 months or until the bait is consumed or destroyed

Best practice

  • Do Keep your kitchen completely free of grease, slime, oily deposits as they are excellent food for cockroaches. In absence of these cleaning practices, cockroaches will never try food baits which is environmentally safe pest control methods.

  • Do wait for 2 weeks for the gel to be consumed by cockroaches of all stages. Young ones or those in egg stage will take time to feed on gel.

  • Do not use HIT after pest control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How do I know my house is infested with cockroaches?
    A cockroach infestation is not that hard to find. When your house is infested with adult cockroaches they seem to be too eager to roam around and hunt for food. Mostly they come out at night but few of them can also be seen when you just enter your home after coming from work in the evening. Apart from that cockroach eggs, droppings and unpleasant smell throughout the house can be definite pointers. You can find the eggs and droppings behind the furniture and bookshelves.
  • How do I find best cockroach control companies in Bangalore?
    A simple search in any of the search engines is the best way to find anything in today’s world. But to find the best among them you need to go through some research of your own. You can find many cockroach control companies online but you need to choose which of them have good genuine ratings on apps and websites, a recommendation from friends and family for the picked companies and reviews from other customers might help you in choosing the best among all others.
  • How do I control cockroaches in my kitchen?
    Cockroaches are drawn inside the house mostly due to food and shelter. Cockroaches like to raid your kitchen in search of food. You can try to minimize the shattering of food and keeping it as clean as possible. Clean your gas stoves and microwaves, avoid any kind of spills and food particles in unreachable spots, empty the trash cans the very night before they stink and wash the dishes at the end of each day so that the cockroach does not have any food to feast on.
  • How much does it cost to exterminate cockroaches?
    A cockroach extermination process can vary from one company to another. The price might vary on the basis of size of the property to be exterminated and the intensity of the infestation. However, the charges are minimum and as per the market pricings or may be less than that of other competitors. The charges are flexible as per the extermination done.
  • How to book a cockroach pest control service near me?
    Booking an appointment for a cockroach control service near your locality is now quiet easy. All you have to do is visit the website and fill out your information and relax. TechSquadTeam calls you back and books the appointment for you. If you ate a resident of Bangalore just give a call on 080-4653-5800 and get hassle-free and the best quality services at best prices.
  • Do I have to be at home for the cockroach control treatment?
    No, our cockroach control service provides hassle-free and smooth treatment procedures for you. You don’t have to monitor or stay at home for our exterminators to treat your home. All you have to do is give us a call and relax and let us take care of your cockroach problem.
  • Is the treatment required for every month?
    No. There is no need for a treatment every month. If you are hiring TechSquadTeam to take care of your cockroach problem then after one single treatment you are guaranteed a long lasting treatment policy for up to 3-4 months where no cockroaches can invade the treated property.
  • How do you permanently get rid of cockroach?
    Getting rid of Cockroaches is very difficult in itself. Cockroaches are stubborn survivors. There is never a permanent solution to your cockroach intrusion. However, there is a long term treatment that you can opt for with the provider of best pest control service in Bangalore, i.e. TechSquadTeam. We guarantee 3 to 4 months of cockroach free home and office after the first service with us.
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Customer Reviews 4.8

Superb service ...

Mallyaram (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 22-Jan-2020

Professional service from the team .

Savitha Madhusdhan (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 22-Jan-2020

They did a great job. Very satisfied with their service. Would highly recommended.

Lalitha (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 22-Jan-2020

First-rate experience! They responded quickly, courteously, and timely. We won't hesitate to use them again

Punith Aswath (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 22-Jan-2020

Very professional and polite.

Vinod (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 21-Jan-2020

Good team, good service. Highly recommended.

Murali (for Pest Control Services/Cockroach Control) on 21-Jan-2020