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Interior Wall Painting in marsur, Bangalore

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Interior Paint (Re-Painting)
Interior Paint (Re-Painting)
  • Tractor Emulsion (Per SqFt):- INR 8
  • Premium Emulsion (Per SqFt):- NR 10
  • Royale Luxury (Per SqFt):- INR 14
  • Royale Matt (Per SqFt):- INR 15
  • Royale Shyne (Per SqFt):- INR 17
  • Royale Health Shield (Per SqFt):- INR 18
  • Royale Aspira (Per SqFt):- INR 19
Tractor Emulsion (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

Premium Emulsion (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

Royale Luxury (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

Royale Matt (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

Royale Shyne (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

Royale Health Shield (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

Royale Aspira (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

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Doorstep Interior House Painting Services in Marsur, Bangalore

Every home is incomplete without a proper interior design. The Interiors of the home brings an element of elegance for you as well as for the guests coming to meet you. TechSquadTeam is committed to provide you the best interior repainting services in Marsur,Bangalore at an affordable price.

Benefits of Interior Wall Painting Services in Marsur,Bangalore:-
  • Cover all stain marks, and cracks
  • Helps to increase the ambience
  • Requires low capital for improvement
  • Helps improving the air quality
  • Quite easy to clean

Range of products:


Tractor Emulsion

Apply tractor emulsion on the interiors of your home for a superior finish effect. It is a lead free paint which is available in wide range of shades. The wide range of shade is available with water based emulsions. The home owners can get smooth matt finish as compared to other distempers.



  • Wide range of colours to choose from
  • Long lasting for years
  • Smooth finishing
  • Can be easily upgraded

Premium Emulsion

Choose a paint for your home that will remain as it is for generations and generations. The interiors of your home will get Apcolite Premium Emulsion Persistent paint protection. Premium emulsion comes with stain guard technology to keep your walls protected against all household stains.



  • The paint is resistant to fungus and mildew resistance
  • Made with stain guard
  • Long lasting for years

Royale Luxury

Decorate your home with royal colours of luxury. It is a paint made with Teflon surface protector making it easily washable as well as highly durable. The paint is non-toxic, lead free, low VOC, and odourless paint. The layer of this painting protects your wall from touch stains and all pathogens.



  • Easily washable paints
  • Long lasting for years
  • Surface protector with Teflon
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

Royale Matt

Apply a coat of Royale Matt for a smooth and a flawless wall. It is a washable matt paint emulsion equipped with surface Teflon protector. Due to this it is highly durable. As this is highly durable paint it can easily remove the deep stains of tea and coffee. The paint has antifungal properties to retain the brightness of the wall for a longer time.



  • Highly resistant to Burnish
  • Gives Smoothest Matt Finish
  • Highly resistant to dust
  • Surface Protector with Teflon

Royale Shyne

Make your walls durable with Royale Shyne paint. These paints are easily washable and stain resistant. This paint is made with Teflon surface protector to make your wall look bright and shiny. It will give on exceptional look to the walls and interiors of your home.



  • Highly Anti-Fungal
  • No carcinogens or harmful toxins
  • Highly resistant to dusts
  • Durable paint that lasts longer for 7- 8 years

Royale Health Shield

Keep your home protected with an anti-bacterial revolutionary paint. The paint is made with silver ion technology which can kill 99.9 per cent germs on the painted surface and create a more hygienic environment. It also improves indoor air quality by reducing the level of formadehyde. It gives you an anti-bacterial performance along with luxurious finish.



  • Gives a silky glow to the wallsv
  • Manufactured as per the international standards
  • Use of silver ion technology as prescribed by IMA
  • Eliminate 99% bacteria causing infections

Royale Aspira

This is the world’s most technologically advanced paint which is crafted to keep your wall smooth and shiny forever. The paint comes with innovative water beading technology along with teflon surface protection. It is a paint which is fire resistant. Choose best in class durable paints that suits personality of the walls.



  • Does not allow water to penetrate through the walls
  • Can resist flames and fire
  • Can safeguard the toughest household stains
  • Poses crack bridging ability

Terms and Conditions:-

  • The level of service required is determined post inspection
  • The cost of inspection will be adjusted in the final bill
  • The cost of transportation will be adjusted with the service partner directly
  • Agreement will be given based on the final price

If you are looking for interior wall painting in Marsur,Bangalore within your area then call us at 080-4653-5800 to schedule an appointment. We give guarantee that you and your family will be benefitted by using our service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Why are painting services important?
    Painting services are important only just to reduce both the time while painting and the time while purchasing the correct set of paints and materials. Even if you have your equipment, you cannot complete the task of painting due to a lack of experience and expertise.
  • What does the painter do?
    Painters are professionals who perform various painting tasks by using desired tools and techniques. Starting from the interiors to the exterior, a painter does painting to give the surfaces a vibrant and attractive finish.
  • What skills do painters need?
    Painters must-have skills like • Attentive to details • Must have good color vision • Carry good stamina and physically fit • Must have a perfect management skill • Familiar with materials and time management skills
  • How long does it take a professional painter to complete a project?
    It takes 2- 4 days to complete a project of painting a medium-sized room.
  • Is it OK to paint over dirty walls?
    Yes, it is completely ok to paint over the dirty walls. But you cannot expect the paint to retain over a long period.
  • What is the Re-painting procedure for interiors?
    Below I the re-painting procedures for interiors listed: • Check the dampness or water seepage of the surfaces • You may have to repair leaky plumbing or cracks in the exterior walls to fix the water seepage problem at the source. • You should remove loose plaster from the wall. • Check the walls for loose plaster by tapping on them. • If you hear any hollow sounds, the plaster is loose. • All cracks and broken plaster need to be filled in with masonry.
  • What precautions should be taken while painting?
    While painting, follow the below precautions on a priority basis: • Use safety equipment • Choose the right paints • Keep safe from lead poisoning
  • Should primer always be used before applying paint?
    Yes. The primer should always be used before applying the paint.
  • What are paint finishes available?
    Paint finishes include matte, semi-gloss, satin, soft sheen, high gloss, or super sheen.
  • What paint should I use for the kitchen?
    High gloss paints are excellent for the kitchen premises due to their high wash ability and stain resistance.
  • What are the most economical paints available on the market?
    The most economical paints available on the market are Nerolac Beauty Smooth, Asian Paint Tractor Emulsion, and Berger Easy Clean.
  • Which paint is best for exteriors and interiors?
    For the interior - Emulsion paint is an excellent choice.
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