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Residential Pest Control in Hyderabad

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Residential Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

TechSquadTeam specializes in providing highly effective, safe and non-toxic residential pest control services in Hyderabad. Our aim is to help homeowners stay away from pests and enjoy a safe place to live-in. We have verified and experienced pest exterminators who can efficiently handle your residential pest issues and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it is the requirement for termite, rodent, mosquito or bed bug pest control, we provide the highest quality services at the most affordable prices.


We provide personalized pest management plan to treat, control and eliminate all types of pests from your home in a hassle-free and safe way. From doing a thorough inspection to executing the right treatment, we keep eye on every detail to deliver the highest quality service. Every tiny cracks and crevice are carefully attended by our experts to keep the pesky pests at a bay. Without compromising your safety and health, we are the experts in dealing all kinds of pest problems within your area.


Our Different Types of Residential Pest Control Services in Hyderabad:

1. Bed bug control

2. Bird Netting

3. Chikungunya control

4. Honeybee removal or control

5. Mosquito, snake, termites and general pest services


Additional services by TechSquadTeam:

1. Inspection (visual) and monitoring

2. Spiderweb removal

3. Preventive pest services


Advantages of Booking Our Pest Control Services in Hyderabad for Residential Purpose:

1. Competitive prices

2. Convenience and safety

3. Assurance of complete pest removal

4. Ensures 100% customer satisfaction

5. Use safe and non-toxic insecticides to create a healthy and pest-free space

6. A competent team of well-trained and highly qualified pest exterminators


If you are facing pest issues in your home, then give us a call today at +91-40-4852-1006 to get reliable residential pest control service in Hyderabad.


We are here to eliminate your pest issues in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way. Our professional team of professional pest exterminators will reach your doorstep to do a proper inspection, deliver the right treatment and conveniently execute the removal process.

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Customer Reviews 4.7

I am fully satisfied with service and was satisfied with the work, everything was done well in time

seshadri (for Pest Control Services/Residential Pest Control) on 01-May-2019

The order has been resolved successfully

M.M Das (for Pest Control Services/Residential Pest Control) on 29-Apr-2019

Excellent service keep up the same. They arrived on time and put the their best efforts

Janani (for Pest Control Services/Residential Pest Control) on 04-Apr-2019

I am really happy with the service and the app is also very easy to use, keep it up team

Paul (for Pest Control Services/Residential Pest Control) on 04-Apr-2019

Really good service, very punctual. The service guys were very professional

Bhagyaraj Paramashivam (for Pest Control Services/Residential Pest Control) on 29-Mar-2019

Highly recommend professional and trained pest controller. He was very polite and did his job very well

Jagan (for Pest Control Services/Residential Pest Control) on 28-Mar-2019