General Pest Control in Hyderabad for Ant, Houseflies, Lizards & More
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General Pest Control in Hyderabad

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General Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

TechSquadTeam offers safe and effective general pest control service in Hyderabad to ensure a pest-infestation free space. Our aim is to eliminate all types of pests such as black ants, red ants, cockroaches spiders and other bugs from your residential or commercial property.


We make sure in inspecting and treating the pest in a convenient way as per your requirement and budget. Our general pest control services are available for both residential and commercial property owners in Hyderabad. We first identify the pest issue and then choose the best & effective method to deliver the highest quality service.


Why Book Our General Pest Control Service in Hyderabad?


1. Highly trained and experienced pest exterminators in Hyderabad

2. 100% effective and long-lasting treatment

3. Environmentally-friendly products for pest control

4. Guaranteed quality service at the best price

5. Dedicated team to ensure perfection

6. Complete site inspection

7. We controls pest like: house flies, lizards, silverfish, ants and spiders



What method we follow for general pest control?


1. Gel baiting- an effective and long lasting method to eliminate and prevent pests from your space for a longer period

2. Residual spray- This helps in reducing pest infestation immediately



Frequently Asked Questions about Our General Pest Control Services:


1. Is the general pest control process harmless and safe?


We use Government permitted products to ensure harmless treatment and eliminate the pests from your property in a safe way.



2. Do I need to empty my kitchen or vacate the space during the pest control treatment?


It is not required to empty the kitchen or vacate the different areas of your home during the treatment. Our experienced pest exterminators will execute the treatment in a hassle-free way.



3. How much time does this service takes?


Minimum 30 minutes to 2 hours is required (based on the property and the level of pest infestation) to execute the general pest control treatment.



Things to Remember:


1. Customers need to keep the infested area completely dry

2. One should not use the pesticides cans or sprays

3. Customers should inform the pest exterminators about the specific infestations before the treatment or at the time of booking.


*** Pest Control treatment is done by our own technicians. We do not contract out through any agents.


To book our general pest control service in Hyderabad, please call us today at +91-40-4852-1006!

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Customer Reviews 4.7

I will call again to Tech Squad Team . Excellent job .

Priyanka (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 19-Sep-2019

Best Service Tech SQuad

bimcy (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 19-Sep-2019

Got quick respond , done deep cleaning for 2 BHK.

Mohammad Najmuzzaman (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 19-Sep-2019

i always take many services from TechSquadTeam as usual this time also they gave excellent service to me.i like it. Thank You

Krithika K (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 19-Sep-2019

Good service.They provide the service on time. The workers are very punctual and hard working.

Paul Chirayath (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 10-Sep-2019

I am very satisfied with your service. Worth the money spent. Highly recommended.

G studio (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 10-Sep-2019