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Deep Home Cleaning in Hyderabad

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Book Deep Home Cleaning Service in Hyderabad

TechSquadTeam provides highly professional deep home cleaning service in Hyderabad as per your requirement and budget. Our expert home cleaners in Hyderabad will reach your home at the scheduled time to deliver quality service that saves time and money.


TechSquadTeam do not outsource for any services, our own skilled and well-trained cleaners do the home cleaning to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


General Home Cleaning Service in Hyderabad By TechSquadTeam Includes:

1. Floor cleaning

2. Dusting sofa, carpets, mattresses and gadgets

3. Cleaning the wardrobes

4. Cabinets cleaning

5. Cleaning the exterior part of the chimney, fans, tube lights, refrigerator and microwave

6. Normal bathroom cleaning (using Phenyl)


What Our Deep Home Cleaning Services in Hyderabad Includes?

1. Wipe down the moldings, baseboards and window sills

2. Clean the smudges and fingerprint from the door surface

3. Sanitize the light switches, doorknobs, and keypads

4. Dust and clean the shades or blinds

5. Change and place the insulated drapes to summer drapes (if applicable)

6. Clean out the cobwebs from the ceilings and room corners

7. Cleaning the ceiling fans, dining room table, sideboard, chairs, etc.

8. Bedroom, guest room, kitchen, balcony and bathroom cleaning

9. Stain removal, sanitize and sterilize all the areas of the home

10. Vacuuming and scrubbing


What is not included in Our Deep Home Cleaning Service in Hyderabad?

1. Refrigerator cleaning, personal wardrobe cleaning, furniture and furnishing cleaning, oven interior cleaning and kitchen utensils cleaning

2. Wall cleaning and scrubbing are not included

3. Machine floor polishing is excluded 


FAQs about Our Deep Home Cleaning Service in Hyderabad:

1. What is the crew size?

TechSquadTeam crew includes minimum 2 to 6 persons. Our staffs or home cleaners in Hyderabad are allotted as per the number of rooms and condition of the house.


2. How Much Time does the Home Cleaning Take?

To ensure a deep home cleaning, it takes 2 to 6 hours, which totally depends on the size of your home.


3. What is the Service Time?

Based on BHK, it would take minimum 2 to 6 hours to deliver superior quality home cleaning service in Hyderabad.


To book a professional deep house cleaning service in Hyderabad at a low price, give us a call today at +91-40-4852-1006!


Things to Remember:

1. Stool/ladder, electrical connection, and water should be provided by the customer.

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Customer Reviews 4.6

The deep cleaning team arrived on time and they did an excellent job

varun kumar (for Cleaning Services/Deep Home Cleaning) on 22-May-2019

Good service. Very useful, the service provided was on time and the behaviour was also nice

Lovely (for Cleaning Services/Deep Home Cleaning) on 22-May-2019

Very prompt and neat work. My experience has been good so far. Price is reasonable

shweta gupta (for Cleaning Services/Deep Home Cleaning) on 21-May-2019

Great service & It's helped me a lot

NITU (for Cleaning Services/Deep Home Cleaning) on 17-May-2019

Very good and fast service in no time, professional cleaning service came to my home

SHIVRAJ (for Cleaning Services/Deep Home Cleaning) on 17-May-2019

Excellent service. They just speculate the time and be there on time

poornima (for Cleaning Services/Deep Home Cleaning) on 16-May-2019