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Bathroom Cleaning in Hyderabad

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Bathroom Cleaning Services in Hyderabad

TechSquadTeam provides professional bathroom cleaning service in Hyderabad for residential and commercial establishments. We make sure that your bathrooms or toilets are well-cleaned and sanitized to ensure good hygiene. You use the most advanced equipment and safe cleaning products to deliver the highest standard of service. Whether it is your stubborn bathroom stain or mold build-up, we will make sure to sanitize and create a hygienic space.


We have the experts in providing comprehensive bathroom cleaning services at the most affordable prices. If you are looking for a quick and effective solution for your bathroom cleaning needs, then TechSquadTeam is the right destination. Our bathroom cleaners are well-trained and highly skilled to ensure hygienic, germ-free and clean bathroom.


Our Bathroom Cleaning in Hyderabad Includes:


1. Clean and disinfect the bathroom

2. Clean and sanitize the sinks, bathtubs, bathroom fittings and walls

3. Identify and remove the mould-growth

4. Clean the mirrors and wipe them dry

5. Stain and spot removal by using the eco-friendly cleaning solutions

6. Deep clean floor, tiles & grout and wash basins

7. Removal of cobweb


Why Book Our Bathroom Cleaning in Hyderabad?


1. Well-trained and skilled bathroom cleaners

2. Use of safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

3. Customized solutions

4. Affordable rates

5. Ensures sparkling clean washroom and toilet

6. Stains and dirt removal

7. Thorough cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection


Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Cleaning Service in Hyderabad:


1. Is your bathroom cleaning solutions are safe?


TechSquadTeam only uses biodegradable cleaning solutions that are 100% safe for children and pets.


2. What types of equipment do you use for bathroom cleaning?


We use industry grade and advanced equipment such as hand scrubber, microfiber duster, wipers and more.


3. What is the crew size for executing the service?


We provide 1 cleaner for handling the cleaning tasks of 1 bathroom. For multiple bathroom cleaning, we provide 2 cleaners.


4. How time it takes to complete the service?


The minimum time taken to complete the bathroom cleaning is 1 hour (1 hour per bathroom).


To book our bathroom cleaning service in Hyderabad, contact us today at +91-40-4852-1006!

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Customer Reviews 4.5

First service experience is very good, great service provider. Their service was amazing nice!!!

parvathy janardhan (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Mar-2019

The professionals are good at their jobs, punctual and courteous. Strongly recommended

Kariappa (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Mar-2019

Good application. Executives are very professional, very experienced people and perfect work done

Anil Kumar (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Mar-2019

Simple and User friendly interface. Good service and low rates

Malathi Ramnath (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Mar-2019

Good job done techsquad team, they are very professional in their work and they know what to do love it so far its the best

Deepa (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Mar-2019

Very happy with the professional attitude and speed of work. Good team members

Venkatesh (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Mar-2019