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Exterior Wall Painting in pune

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Exterior Paint Pricing (Re-Painting)
Exterior Paint Pricing (Re-Painting)
  • Ace Emulsion (Per SqFt):- INR 10
  • Apex Emulsion (Per SqFt):- INR 13
  • Apex Ultima (Per SqFt):- INR 16
  • Apex Ultima Protek (Per SqFt):- INR 19
Ace Emulsion (Inspection Charges)
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INR 119 INR 96

Apex Emulsion (Inspection Charges)
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INR 119 INR 96

Apex Ultima (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 119 INR 96

Apex Ultima Protek (Inspection Charges)
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INR 119 INR 96

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Doorstep Exterior Painting Services in Pune

The exteriors of your home create a first impression for the visitors. Right from walls and ceilings of your home it is very important to choose the right colour combination to make your home look like new forever. It is better to contact TechSquadTeam who can provide you the best services at an affordable price range.

Benefits of Exterior Painting Services in Pune:-
  • Increases look and elegance of your home
  • Make your home look different in the crowd
  • Eliminate the chances of bacterial infestation
  • Help home owners to personalize their space
  • Makes your home appealing for every guests

Range of products:


Ace Emulsion

Ace Emulsion is a water based exteriors paint which keeps your wall protected for years and years. The paint comes with a unique water resistant technology to keep your wall and exteriors safe and new like before in every season. The right colour coating makes you home resistant to all weather conditions like rain and dust storm.



  • Helps you a lot to save time and money
  • Comes with 3- 4 years warranty
  • Complete protection against anti-algal infections
  • Resistant to chalking, peeling and cracking
  • Numerous of colour options to choose from

Apex Emulsion

Apex Emulsion comes with 5 year performance warranty. Made with silicon additives it prevents the dust from settling on the exteriors walls of the house. It protects your home exteriors from all types of harsh weather conditions as well as algae attack.



  • Protection from UV rays
  • Prevents dust from settling on the walls
  • Completely weather guard with 5 years warranty
  • Anti-Algal protection
  • Manufactured as per the LEEDS VOC criteria as per the Indian Green Building Council

Apex Ultima

Maintain the initial beauty of the walls with Apex Ultima wall paint. Apex Ultima comes with 7 year performance warranty helping to maintain the elegant beauty of your house in every season. It is made with dirt pick up resistance property helping to fight dust and avoid them from settling on the walls.



  • Comes with 7 years performance warranty
  • Have dirt pick up resistance capability
  • Made with colour stay technology
  • Made with advance algal formula
  • Made with silicon additives

Apex Ultima Protek

Give a special treatment to your home with ten years of durability and six years of water proofing. Apex Ultima Protek is made with lamination guard technology which acts as barrier against dust, water and all other types of elements. With topcoat and basecoat it keeps your walls fresh and new like forever.



  • Gives your home complete structural protection
  • Helps in crack bridging
  • Offers high level of clean ability
  • Keep your walls free from all types of stains
  • No penetration of bird droppings


  • The customers will bear the cost of the materials
  • For inspection of the property the charge is 200 INR which will be adjusted later on.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • The level of service required is determined post inspection
  • The level of service required is determined post inspection
  • The cost of transportation will be adjusted with the service partner directly
  • Agreement will be given based on the final price

If you wish to keep your home or business looking great, then call us today at 0700-8031-684 to get the high quality Exterior Wall Painting in Pune at your doorstep.

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