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Home Deep Cleaning Service

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Deep Home Cleaning Services
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Deep House Cleaning Service

  • Do’s
  • Don’ts
  • Mattress Dusting & Vacuuming
  • Furniture Dusting & Vacuuming
  • Cupboard Vacuuming and Cleaning (Both inside & outside)
  • Windows & Grills Cleaning
  • Fan Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Dry dusting of Walls and ceiling
  • Cleaning of Electrical fixtures
  • Cobwebs Removal
  • Shower and Taps Cleaning
  • Windows & Exhaust Fan Dusting and Cleaning
  • Floor and Wall Tile Scrubbing
  • Shelves and cabinets
  • Mirror and Glass Cleaning
  • Wash basin Cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal
  • Kitchen Platform Clear-out
  • Sink Cleaning
  • Window & Exhaust Fan Dusting and Cleaning
  • Wiping of Appliances from outside
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal
Living room
  • Furniture Dusting & Vacuuming by Machine
  • Window Blinds & Door Curtains Dusting
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan Dusting
  • Door & Window Cleaning
  • Electrical Fixture & Outer body of Electronics Cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal
Empty House/New House
  • Mopping, Dusting, & Sweeping
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Cabinet and Shelves Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan Cleaning
  • Cobwebs Removal
  • Sink & Tank Cleaning
  • Machine Floor Polishing
  • Refrigerator cleaning, oven interior cleaning, and kitchen utensils cleaning
  • Personal wardrobe cleaning
  • furniture, and furnishing cleaning
  • Wall cleaning is excluded except for the bathroom
  • Less guarantee on complete removal of old stains

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  • 05-Nov-2022
  • Deep Home Cleaning Services

Quality and on-time mattress cleaning service by TechsquadTeam. I must say they just cleaned effortlessly. They have a cooperative and skilled team of professionals. Must appreciate their hard work! Highly recommended!


  • 05-Nov-2022
  • Deep Home Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning services in Bangalore, I will always vouch for TechsquadTeam. Such a fantastic team they have. I just gave them my dust-deposited details, and they took care of everything. Starting from cleaning to air-drying, all done without a


  • 05-Nov-2022
  • Deep Home Cleaning Services

Being a working professional, I always lack time to do home cleaning. Then I found TechsquadTeam, the best house cleaning service in Bangalore. I just gave them my regular routine details, and they took care of cleaning my entire house very smartly.

All About Deep Home Cleaning

Deep Home Cleaning in anekal, Bangalore, India

Are you looking for a home deep cleaning in anekal, Bangalore? Over time, parts of your home or flat especially your bathroom and kitchen, can accumulate layers of dirt and grease that cannot be treated with regular cleaning. If you want to make sure your cleaning professional makes things shine, your search ends at TechSquadTeam.

Every home has some different cleaning requirements. Whether it is kitchen deep cleaning, bathroom deep cleaning, bedroom deep cleaning, move in, move out, end of tenancy, vacant house cleaning, or complete deep home cleaning. Our cleaning professionals will do everything possible to provide you with the best results possible. Book our services now and give your mind, body, and soul complete rest. Our experienced home deep cleaning professionals will take care of your home. We will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

4 Reasons To Hire Professional Cleaning Service

You may think that house cleaning is something you can do yourself easily with some products from the market, so why hire professionals? Well for starters, the professionals are trained and experienced to carry out the dirty work for you. Here are a few reasons why you should hire professional deep cleaning services:

  • Save Time :

    House cleaning is not an easy task and surely not a quicker process. In this competitive world, where we have barely enough time to eat or sleep, we certainly won’t have any for cleaning. Hiring a professional for your deep cleaning will not only save you hours but also give effective results. You just have to search for cleaning services near me and let the important work with experts for cleaning.

  • Effective Cleaning :

    Your regular dusting and cleaning are required for a germ-free home. But what about the hard stains and stubborn spots that just won’t go? The professionals are trained with proper machinery tools and chemicals that will clean every corner of your house perfectly.

  • Saves Money :

    Most people think that hiring professional deep cleaning services will be very expensive, which is not entirely true. Think about the money you will save from not buying all those cleaning products and disinfectants, as the professionals bring their own. Also, think about getting saved from all those medical bills that would come your way from all the health issues due to an unsanitary home. Hiring a professional deep cleaning service may seem expensive, but will save you money in the long haul.

  • Less Stress :

    We all know how stressful it is to clean the entire house. More the area, more the frustration. If you don’t have proper tools or equipment, cleaning the house can be one irritating job. When you give that job to professionals, you also give all the headaches that come with it. So just sit back and enjoy some stress-free “me” time.

When Should You Book Home Deep Cleaning Service?

Here are a few situations in which booking a professional cleaning service will be beneficial for you

  • Before or after a party

  • Before or after a wedding

  • Moving into a new house

  • After any renovation

  • Once in few weeks or months, as per your convenience

Why TechSquadTeam Home Deep Cleaning Services in anekal, Bangalore?

There are so many professional deep cleaning service providers, so why opt for TechSquadTeam? Here are a few reasons

  • Well-Trained :

    Every individual at TechSquadTeam is a well-trained cleaner. Deep cleaning requires machinery tools and equipment which the individuals have proper hands-on training. They also bring the required equipment with them for the job.

  • Safety :

    We all care about our safety and letting a stranger into the house concerns us every time. Here at TechSquadTeam, all the individuals are extremely trustworthy as all are verified. Before hiring anyone, we do a thorough background check to ensure that the customers can trust them. Your safety is our top priority.

  • Environment Friendly Chemicals :

    With efficient techniques and non-harmful chemicals, we are nothing but quality. Some may use hazardous industrial-grade chemicals that may affect you and your family, but not us. The cleaning products are environment-friendly and biodegradable.

  • Customer Satisfaction :

    TechSquadTeam provides only high-class house cleaning service to all our customers. From modern technology to traditional methods, our professionals apply whatever it takes to get the job done. We never compromise on the quality and neither should you. After the work is over, the customer has nothing but smiles on their faces.

What Other Deep Cleaning Services in anekal, Bangalore Does TechSquadTeam Offer?

  • Professional Bathroom Deep Cleaning in anekal, Bangalore

  • Professional Bedroom Deep Cleaning in anekal, Bangalore

  • Professional Kitchen Cleaning in anekal, Bangalore

  • Professional Living Room Deep Cleaning in anekal, Bangalore

Points to be Noted

  • Service Time: 2-6 Hours (Depending on the Size of Your Home)

  • No. of Staff: 2-6 Cleaners (Depending on the Size and Requirement)

  • Equipment Used: Vacuum cleaner, Brooms, Mops, Scrubbing brush, Squeegee, Duster, Sponges, Microfiber clothes, Floor cleaning clothes, Environment-friendly cleaning solutions

  • Stool/ladder, electrical connection, and water are to be provided by the customer

  • No extra tips for our cleaners

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Book an Appointment

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
Our team will contact you soon.