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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What do house cleaning services do?
    Home cleaning services offer many housework assistance such as de clutter, rubbish disposal, scrubbing dirty surfaces, dusting, mopping and vacuuming. Most of the cleaning companies have various individual services or combo services or general cleaning service that you can choose from according to your liking and budget.
  • What does basic house cleaning incorporate?
    Different cleaning companies like to keep their own set of services included in the basic house cleaning package. Some might include vacuuming and dusting of the entire house or some just clean specific rooms and leave out other parts of the house. You need to verify what exactly is incorporated while hiring any cleaning service for basic house cleaning. TechSquadTeam provides floor cleaning of the entire house, the dusting of sofas, carpets, mattresses and appliances, wardrobe and cabinet cleaning, normal bathroom cleaning with phenyl and cleaning out the exteriors of chimneys, fans, tube lights, refrigerators, and microwaves.
  • How much do professional cleaning services cost?
    Most professional cleaning services have uniform pricing. The average cost of hiring professional cleaning can cost you around Rs2500 to Rs3500. The price can fluctuate according to the size and requirement of the property.
  • What are the various types of services provided under cleaning services?
    Professional cleaning services may provide you a long range of facilities in terms of cleaning and dusting. TechSquadTeam offers General Home Cleaning, Deep Home Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Bedroom Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Water Tank Cleaning. Along with this, we also provide Corporate Office Cleaning and Hotel Interior Cleaning.
  • Why is home cleaning important?
    A clean environment is healthy for a sound body and mind. A clean home provides protection from germs and allergy-causing allergens. Also, clutter adds to the stress and anxiety of daily routine increasing your mental instability. Organized households are easier to maintain and you can focus on other aspects of your life rather than being involved in searching and tidying at home. Cleaning is good exercise too.
  • What is the frequency of cleaning my home?
    It depends on how you are tackling your clutter problem and how often you dedicate time and effort to keep your house dust and germ-free. If you are love to clean your house daily, then there won’t be a need for deep cleaning in the long run and you can just go for a deep cleaning once a year during the festival times. But if you don’t have enough time, then try hiring a professional every 2 months for the best results or you can schedule deep cleaning every 3 months and clean your house yourself every weekend.
  • Is there any cancellation fees?
    Every professional cleaning company has different rules and regulations regarding its fee structure and cancelation costs. Unlike other cleaning companies, TechSquadTeam does not have a cancellation fee. We only charge if the service is taken by the customer or else the customer wants an inspection. We have various scenarios for the flexibility in our pricing that we provide our clients. If a customer does not want the service even after inspection, we still do not charge any service rate. Only the inspection charges apply in such a case.
  • Does TechSquadTeam have in house cleaners or hire them from third party?
    TechSquadTeam has an endogenous crew of its own and no third party is involved in the cleaning process. We hire only experienced and certified cleaning staff and again make them go through some rigorous training on how to deal with our clients and what exactly a client should be expecting from them. Also, they are made aware of the various terms, conditions, and restrictions that should be followed by professionals.
  • Are the external areas like balconies and corridors included in the cleaning process?
    No. If you are going for just general cleaning services then balcony and corridor cleaning is not included in the cleaning process by TechSquadTeam. However, you can always go for our Balcony cleaning service as a special facility available at our website www.techsquadteam at affordable pricing.
Very unprofessional service. No update after booking the service, no message or call from anyone. Waste of time

Vikas (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

They did excellent work and offered very fair pricing!

Swastik Engineeering Services (for Cleaning Services/Book Carpet Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

best cleaning service I have ever had from outsiders ...thankul to Techsquadteam

8 corners (for Cleaning Services/Home Deep Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Thankyou so much for your excellent service ,tech squad team. We are really grateful to you for your on-time service during this hard times of Covid.

Raju Kumar (for Cleaning Services/Home Deep Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Excellent !!!! recommend to all

Arun c (for Cleaning Services/Office Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Go warranty is one of the most trustworthy site. It provides quick, affordable and wonderful services which makes it so much better than other service.....
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Vyka (for Cleaning Services/Home Deep Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Fantastic and very meticulous.

Ramamani (for Cleaning Services/Home Deep Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

best service as compared to others # Techsquadteam

Vikram hospital( Bengaluru) pvt ltd (for Cleaning Services/Book Carpet Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

I was very pleased with your service. The team was very nice and polite. The technician arrived on time with prior communication that he was in route......
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Sudhir (for Cleaning Services/Home Deep Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Lucky to have you people thank you

Alafiaya (for Cleaning Services/Home Deep Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Manoranjan and Vijay did fabulous job. Sincere in their work took extra efforts to finish the job. Very professional, i highly recommend them. Full ma.....
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Vishnu (for Cleaning Services/Office Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Tech squad team always preforms very well. Very efficient and listens to our special request.

Suresh (for Cleaning Services/Office Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Very good and professional work..

Benison (for Cleaning Services/Book Carpet Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Excellent services done .. Thanks Techsquadteam

IVR Customer (for Cleaning Services/Home Deep Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

Good service, highly appreciated, timely done.

viswanath (for Cleaning Services/Best Water Tank Cleaning Services) on 27-Jun-2022

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