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What to Expect from a Professional Home Sanitisation Service to do for COVID-19 Disinfection?

Being a professional home fumigation and sanitization service in Bangalore, we at TechSquadTeam go through a lot of households and many people have a lot of questions regarding the correct cleaning procedure that should be followed for COVID-19 sterilization and disinfection. The coronavirus pandemic has not only become a concern for our health but has also paved the way for fear for the well-being of our families and loved ones. Another important thing to consider is that more and more people are worried about what should be done differently to stop the spread of the virus in households.

We, as your service provider, remain anxious about our customers getting the best service and are also obligated to be fully aware of the procedures and details of the service that we provide. After certain analysis, we have prepared certain frequently asked questions and their answers by our clients and patrons that will also help you to eliminate all kinds of doubt regarding our sanitized deep home cleaning services in Bangalore.

1. What are the facilities included in a sanitized deep home cleaning service?

Answer – Our professional sanitized home cleaning service in Bangalore includes total sanitization of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. We focus on the areas and things that are used or come in contact with people constantly like doorknobs, drawers, windows, doors, kitchen, remotes, handles, etc. Apart from that an overall cleaning of your entire home is also done.

2. What specific cleaning solutions are being used for disinfecting the house?

Answer – Our proficient cleaning staff is well aware that different parts of the household need specific kinds of cleaning and specific cleaning procedures need different types of cleaning solutions to complement the essence of sanitization. We use different chemical solutions for places that need more attention. We use bleaching solutions for frequently touched areas and disinfection. We use alcohol-based sanitizers with other cleaning solutions to make it more effective.

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3. How do you handle bathroom sanitization?

Answer – Your bathroom is the most dangerous place to get any kind of infection as all the members of the household use it repeatedly. Normally, a bathroom might be harboring millions of pathogens and viruses but when it comes to COVID 19 virus you can never be fully prepared. So, our cleaning experts use both advanced equipment and strong alcohol-based cleaning solvents to disinfect your bathroom. Our deep home cleaning service is equally effective as specified professional sanitized bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore.

4. What are the specific disinfecting techniques used for kitchen cleaning by you?

Answer – The most important part of your home is the kitchen as you handle all your food here. You cannot afford any kind of infecting viruses and bacteria lurking in your kitchen. It can result in corona contamination and infections of other kinds as well. Another important thing to consider is the cleaning solution being used in a kitchen should not be harmful to humans. Most people use chemicals that are even more dangerous than disease-carrying germs. Our sanitized doorstep kitchen cleaning services in Bangalore make sure that organic and safe cleaning solvents are being used in disinfecting your kitchen and providing you with a germ-free and cleansed area. We focus on disinfecting countertops, faucets, sinks, and electrical switches that are touched regularly. After that, the entire kitchen is disinfected with a solution of bleach. Alcohol-based sanitizers are used to clean kitchen appliances and other places.

We hope that we have provided you with satisfactory answers to your basic questions. In case you have specified queries regarding our coronavirus sanitization just give us a call on 07795001555 or visit www.techsquadteam.com and get all your queries answered.  

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