Fumigation and Sanitization

Fumigation and Sanitization Fumigation and Sanitization

What is the difference between Sanitization and Fumigation?

During a difficult time, people are using various means to sanitize their homes and commercial space. With an outbreak of a pandemic, there is a huge significance of sanitization for homes and commercial places. The business around the globe is emphasizing maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

There are various means to maintain hygiene in your home or commercial space. But before you initiate the process of sanitization it is important to understand various aspects of sanitization. This is the most widely used term being used at the time of the global pandemic.

Are Sanitization and Fumigation Similar to each other?

Before taking a step ahead for sanitization or fumigation it is quite important to understand the difference between the two modes of cleaning. A majority of people don’t understand the difference between the two so it is quite important to understand the difference between fumigation and sanitization. These two are the most common terms widely used when it comes to cleaning and making the surface spotless.

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What is Sanitization?

Sanitization is a process that helps to reduce the number of organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and all other types of micro-organisms. With the help of sanitization, it is quite easy to reduce the number of microorganisms. The use of sanitizer helps to reduce the number of bacteria. According to reports and research, sanitization kills 99.999% of bacteria in less than 30 seconds.

The process of sanitization reduces the growth of bacteria to a certain extent. In other words, it is a preventive measure being frequently used in hotels, restaurants, schools, corporate houses, and even hospitals. The surface that is exposed to the environment or when it is in direct contact with the individuals needs to be sanitized several times a day.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a process where the chemicals are used in gaseous form to eliminate the virus and bacteria.  The chemicals used in the gaseous state are kept at a certain temperature followed by a certain pressure. It is an important procedure that is being used to eradicate the pests. As compared to sanitization it is more effective as the chemicals in the gaseous form spread easily in all areas of infestations.

The Basic Difference between Sanitization and Fumigation

These are two modes of cleaning which are being highly used by the people for maintaining the highest level of hygiene in their homes and commercial places.

The key differences between sanitization and fumigation are completely based on the number of bacteria each process eliminates. The two-process can be selected as per the requirements and the degree of infestation.     

The two forms of cleaning i.e. sanitization and fumigation are used for different purposes like fumigation is used for vulnerable places like hospitals, healthcare, day-care centers, public restrooms, public places, gyms, flour mills, warehouses, museum collections, pharmaceutical plants, etc. while sanitization is used for hotels, resorts and places where there are fewer chances of spreading infections.

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The Final Thoughts

With the two techniques mentioned above, it is quite easy to choose between the two techniques of cleaning. Fumigation and Sanitization can be chosen as per the requirements and the degree of infection as well as the probability of getting infected.

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