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What Impact has the Growth of Home Service Agencies had on India's 24/7 Maids?

With the addition of technology-driven features, home service agencies have expanded their offerings over the past few years, making them more affordable and efficient. However, startup companies that provide in-home services, on-time delivery of home services, and now even cleaning services have been buzzing with unemployed people.

Many maids in Indian households juggle multiple chores, including cooking, cleaning, and caring for the elderly, while others work live-in, basically on call seven days a week. Guess, Who? Well, they are none other than home service providers. Nowadays they are in demand as they are just at the fingertip. People often believe that when you have a 24/7 maid in your house, you need to be available over there during their work just to guide them. But if you are hiring professional cleaning services from a reputed home service provider, then the entire service procedure is their responsibility. You need not be worried about anything. The team will just come and serve you the best quality work within no time.

What Are the Reasons Behind Hiring Home Services Instead of a Maid?

Our home service providers are pioneers in offering personalized and efficient home care in India to ensure that individuals can provide their time and satisfaction while doing tasks within their comfort zone. Some of the major home services offered include cleaning services, pest control services, and sanitization services, along with providing a plethora of technical procedures at home thereby delivering almost quality and on-time service at the doorstep.

Let’s take a look at the reasons behind hiring home services instead of a maid:

  1. Home service experts are very professional
  2. Always on-time
  3. Serves best quality work
  4. Flexible according to your schedule
  5. Guaranteed results
  6. Value for money
  7. Completely hygienic

The above distinctions between the home service professionals and 24/7 maids are enough to be convinced while hiring the best for your house. Because in the end, all that matters is good health and safety. In the end, you can get your work redone through an expert as they are very much particular about their reputation but when it comes to a maid they are a little difficult to handle.

What Impacts the Growth of Home Services Agencies on India’s 24/7 Maids?

During the pandemic, people got stressed out completely while welcoming their regular maids to the house. Because there are high chances of getting infected from outside. The maids working in your house will be working in somebody else’s house too. So it’s completely stupid to get them in your house during those difficult times. But at the same time, the experts from home service agencies can come as they follow the precautionary safety protocols. It was common for thousands of workers to be sanitized with chemical sprays during the height of the pandemic. They maintain themselves with complete sanitization. So somehow they are trusted in this case.

However, the pandemic has changed the life of home service providers. But at the same time, with the sudden announcement of the lockdown, millions of migrant workers were stranded miles away from their homes too. Many part-time workers lost their jobs and housemaids are one of them. People started to prefer calling the experts to their house rather than the 24/7 regular maid. Only because of safety measures for housemates, the decision of hiring a professional team becomes a habit. This is why home service agencies are preferred more than a housemaid.

Is it the right decision to go with a home service agency?

YES, Absolutely! Because during the hustle-bustle of life, people do not spare a second to even maintain cleanliness around themselves. Long-working schedules do not allow them to look after their regular regime. And when it comes to cleanliness, ignoring the same will make you pay extra later. So it’s always advisable to seek the help of a professional home service provider who not only saves your life but also gives you quality service following all safety protocols.

Moreover, always prefer a home service provider to get the best effective and quick results. Provider like Techsquadteam is one such pioneer who has delivered the best to its customers with guaranteed quality service. Without wasting time, make sure you hold the right hand to move ahead! What’s say?


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