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What are The Signs of Termite Infestation?

Termite infestation is not uncommon in India. It is useful to be able to recognize the signs of an upcoming termite invasion.

Imagine you are renting a new house, everything looks perfect and you move in. Life seems perfect, but little did you know that there is an invasion going on underneath and soon you find termites everywhere. And the most irritating part is, that you are very much familiar with those common pests that infest your house. Now you regret buying the seemingly perfect-looking house because you didn’t know that it was infested with pesky termites and more importantly you didn’t recognize the signs that nature already provided you. It could also happen when you are on a vacation and termites are nibbling away at your favorite books; you don’t want that, do you?

You don’t need a Ph.D. on termite genome to keep your precious possessions safe; all you need is a bit of awareness and the ability to recognize the signs. It will prevent the problem from getting out of hand.

There will be:-

  • No severe property damage
  • No investment in expensive termite pest control
  • No termite massacre; you commit only a little bad karma

7 signs that could suggest a termite infestation in your house

  1. Mud tunnels on wall
  2. Swollen or squeaky windows
  3. Hollow sounding wooden fittings
  4. Crack and fracture on the floor
  5. Discarded wings
  6. Damage in the garden area
  7. Presence of red dirt inside the house
Mud tunnels on the wall:-

Subterranean termites travel for food sources inside the house using mud tunnels, which can be found in the exterior walls that lead up to the interior of your house. These mud tunnels are oftentimes found in areas that go unnoticed.

Swollen or squeaky window:-

As termites nibble away timber, their excrements create a thin film over the wood fixtures that trap heat and moisture which causes them to swell.

Hollow-sounding wooden fittings:-

Termites devour wood from the inside out, so when you knock on wooden furniture it will sound hollow.

Crack and fracture on the floor:-

Termites can easily damage wooden flooring but if there already is a crack on the floor there can be a chance of termite infestation and if not repaired on time, subterranean termites can easily escape to the interior of the house through those floor cracks.

Discarded wings:–

A common indication of the presence of termites is the remnants of discarded wings on the floor. At first sight, it may appear as the wings of some other harmless insects but it is a good enough reason to be skeptical of the presence of termites.

Garden damage:-

If you find damaged trees in your garden you should definitely investigate for termites. Termite infestation for most houses starts in their garden and many homeowners fail to recognize the situation.

Presence of red dirt inside the house -

When you find red dirt deposits in our house for no reason and if it keeps coming back even after regular clean-up you should definitely expect some species of pest infestation. But if it is on wooden furniture you can be sure you are looking at a termite-related problem.

Termite problems can sometimes get so out-of-hand that it freaks out homeowners. Termite infestation is also associated with bad omens in many parts of the country and even there are some methods for complete prevention of termite infestation in your home. However, the solution is very simple, which is hiring pest control. Most homes, don’t even need full house pest control; a simple checkup and pest treatment are enough.

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