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What are the Signs of a Faulty Geyser in your Home?

The Winter season comes with celebrations and festivities. In order to eliminate the discomfort of bathing, washing, and cleaning, most homes use geysers. Commonly used as a home appliance, the hot water geyser is the right answer to all the winter woes, as it supplies hot water for a number of different household activities.

Remember that your geyser can get into a problem from time to time. It is important for you to know the necessary information related to the geyser issues. This will help you know when to call the professionals for a geyser repair.

Here are some insights into some of the basic problems with your geyser installed at your home:

1. No Hot Water:

Is the geyser water not hot enough? This is one of the most common geyser problems. In this case, the thermostat of the geyser is probably set to a very low setting or it has become faulty. If the water coming out of your geyser is not hot enough, then you need to check the settings of the thermostat. Does the problem persist?  Then to fix this geyser issue, you need to rely on a reliable geyser repair service provider in your area.

2. Leaks:

Do you notice that the bottom of the geyser is leaking? This can be probably because of the condensation. Over time the daily wear and tear make your geyser worn out, which causes leaking. In this case, you need to call the professionals to replace the old one and perform a geyser installation for the new one.

3. Weird Noise from the Geyser:

Are you hearing some hissing or popping sounds produced by the geyser? Due to the deposition of salt and minerals at the bottom of the water tank, normally the geyser starts making a loud hissing or humming noise. Another reason can be too much pressure on the pipes that causes expanding or contracting. If you are hearing some sounds like the water boiling inside the tank, then make sure to call a geyser repair service immediately for fixing the issue.

4. Rusty or Dirty Water:

If the water coming out from the geyser is dirty, rusty, or discolored, then it can be frustrating. At times the build-up on the heating elements or sediment makes its way into the hot water outlet, for which, you get rusty or dirty water from the geyser.

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