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What Are The Bedbugs Symptoms And Their Treatment?

Many people consider that bedbugs prefer to live only in a dirty and unhygienic environment. But that’s not true. The reality s that bed bugs can be found in a clean home also. Because they can spread vigorously in cold and humid weather alike. In this blog, we are going to solve your bed bugs-related queries through some commonly asked questions. This blog will cover its symptoms, bed bug pest control services in Bangalore, and some relevant control measures.

Seek the help of professional bedbug control and removal services to ensure the optimal health of your loved ones. Because an expert has the needed knowledge and certified expertise in the control and removal procedures.

Query No. 1: Where do bedbugs come from?

Many people wonder how we got bedbugs in our house.

Bedbugs are parasites that can travel from one place to another By any means. For example, they can just cling onto animals, humans, your clothes, suitcases, or furniture. They are very productive by nature and multiply their population rapidly in any environment. You can get them via second-hand furniture, traveling on a bus, train, or even flight, staying in hotel rooms, items from a garage sale, or via luggage of your guests.

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Query No. 2: Do bedbugs are carriers of any disease?

Bedbugs do not transmit any diseases. According to several surveys done on bugs, they do not carry any disease even if they feed on people suffering from diseases, and infect the nest person they feed on. However, bedbugs cause skin irritations, allergies, and psychological problems like sleep deprivation, a constant feeling of a bug crawling on your body.

Query No. 3: Is there any bedbug bites treatment?

Yes, we have 3 simple bedbug bites treatment.

Wash the bitten area with soap and water.

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to your skin. Leave it to dry completely for one hour and then wash off.

Use lemon juice to control the itchiness in your skin

An oral antihistamine helps to control allergic reactions

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Query No. 4: How to identify bedbug existence in your house?

Bedbugs like to hide under beddings, furniture, behind the loose wallpaper, wall cracks, etc. Since bugs are found busy during the night, you may not find them during the daytime when they are hiding. Here are a few signs of bedbug existence in your house:

Adult Bedbugs: The eggs and nymphs of bugs are not noticeable to the naked eye because the eggs are too little and the nymphs are semi-transparent.

Bedbug bites: Skin rashes and red swelling on the skin are the easiest ways to spot bedbug infestation. Most bedbugs feed on the exposed body of humans. So, if you wake up at night itching vigorously, then the probability is high that your bedroom is infested with bedbugs.

Skin: Bedbugs shed their skin up to 6 times before entering their adult age. You can identify their skin on your bed, mattress, or under your furniture. The foul smell of dry and faded blood spots on your bed sheets also indicates the presence of bedbugs.

Droppings:  If you find dark brown or black mounds on air-tight surfaces and stains on previous surfaces, then it is 100% percent sure that your house is invaded by bedbugs.

Query No. 5: How to eliminate bedbugs?

Though bugs don’t carry dangerous diseases, their eradication is necessary at your home.

Vacuum cleaning every corner of the house including furniture, and carpets, can help to suck up bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs. Wash your bed sheets, pillow covers, mattress cover, sofa cover, and draperies in hot water. Because bedbugs can’t survive above 46° temperature.

You can also use homemade bed bug spray. Simply, mix 15 drops of peppermint oil and lavender oil each in 100 ml of water. Mix well. Spray this solution daily on the infested areas of your house until you don’t see any signs of bedbugs’ existence.

If you feel the bedbug infestation is out of your control in your house, then you need to book bed bug pest control in Bangalore from TechSquadTeam and eliminate bedbugs permanently. Our trained experts will inspect your home, and implement one suitable action to make your house bug-free.

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