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What are the 3 elements of car wash quality?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you want to wash your car is the look of the car will be clean and fresh after a wash. Yes, the regular wash of the car can cost you less and can actually benefit you in several ways. Keeping your car dirty can cause the car’s body paint to decay which means the car will lose its value and appearance. Then, your car will be ended up with dirty patches, scratches, chips, and even rust.

For the daily operators, it is essential to check and maintain the car every single day. But, the one who buys the car for the first time will get to know all the factors at work in the car wash tunnel and how the car runs during busy and high-volume periods. However, washing it all alone is not at all possible, so it’s better to take help from a professional cleaning service provider.

Do you know, the dust, dirt and other stuff like food particles, wrappers or other things that sit on the car can cost you 10% more fuel per year than a car which is clean, and regularly washed. A dirty car reflects low status and character, maintenance of which can cost you a month's salary.

Have you gone through the experience of seeing a dirty car and a bad impression comes to your mind? It is very negative. To avoid the stigma, you need to wash your car regularly wash your car, and doing it once a month will keep it clean and hygienic.

The three elements which show the car wash quality is:


The different car wash products have their different function, recommended dilution ratios, and pH values. Some application is quite alkaline in order to work on stubborn vehicle stains such as bug smear or road tar. And, some other product is slightly acidic which is helpful to balance the overall PH of the wash tunnel. The pH values of the product affect the car washing result very seriously. If the pH level is not properly balanced, then at the end of the wash, it results in a very drying performance with sticky water lying heavily on the exterior of the vehicle.


If you put clothes in a washing machine or dishes in a dishwasher with a hot cycle, then it removes soil better than a cold cycle. Likewise, if you use proper water temperature in the tunnel, then it activates various wash elements at work. It means certain washing functions require high-temperature water while others need cool water to control costs.

Friction/ pressure

Friction means the reaction after applying different cleaning materials to your car, while pressure indicates the force of water sprayed across the vehicle. Both are very important for an effective cleaning result. Using a soft cloth or closed-cell foam brushes which are heavily lubricated with body soap helps to lift dirt and grime away from the car safely. So, these soft cloths or brushes should be kept clean and lubricated, and when they start to wear out, just replace them with the newer ones.

Always keep in mind car washing quality is your product. If you let it go, then the long-term problems will be greater than a car's value. So, expert car cleaning companies are readily available in Bangalore city that hires well talented and experienced car wash workers who work constantly to improve their results to get happy and cheerful customers always.


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