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Unemployed Rahul and Sukant are now dreaming big and making their family Proud

The screaming of a new variant of Coronavirus has woken up every individual but in the middle of everything; we miss our health and the care it should be concentrated on. Most of the individuals are still struggling in the race for employment where they need a shaking hand to move forward.

Let’s hear it from Rahul and Sukant - How the two commoners have got the wings to fly and feed their family well?  

Rahul Tarai, Cleaning Head, Bangalore - I am from Kendrapada, Odisha, and came to Bangalore 4 years ago. I used to do nothing, just pass the time with colony friends. My family condition was very bad for which I have to take the responsibility for my sister’s marriage too. 

One day I met a man from Techsquadteam who told me he earned a minimum of 30000 per month. I was taken aback as a 20 years old guy. Then I joined Techsquadteam. After joining them, I felt so good. It was such a great platform that, even during the pandemic also they have plenty of work to explore with complete precautions like a PPE Kit by the company. And along with that, we are also being tested on regular basis for safety concerns. The good part about working with Techsquadteam is that I got a lot of respect and handsome money for my family. My life is changed now and filled with happiness ever since I joined Techsquadteam. My family is very happy now and my sister got married to a well-educated family. 

Sukant, Technician, Bangalore - I am from Ganjam, Odisha, and came to Bangalore 2 years ago. Earlier I used to work in a nearby shop with a little wage per day. Then I met an old person who just asked about my family background and offered me a job in his team in Techsquadteam. Without taking too long, I just said yes because I badly need to earn more. I was completely new to this field but with time my trainer trained me quite efficiently. With various equipment and skilled trainers' guidance of Techsquadteam, I thoroughly learned a lot. From a normalized person to a skilled one, my journey was exceptional.

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Like, as to how to deal with the customer? …. How to double your earnings during these ongoing pandemic scenarios? …. How to enhance your work skills? Etc.

Now I am capable enough to bear the expenses of my family which was supposed to be a dream for me. And by following his guidance, I have achieved respect by joining Techsquadteam. Finally, my effort has achieved a path for growth i.e Techsquadteam. 

How did Rahul & Sukant become the cleaning stars for Mr. Allan DSouza?

Mr. Allan desperately wanted to clean the house. He has worked the whole weekdays, maintained the household's normal chores, and spends time with kids with a full-proof cleaning plan to do before the weekend begins. 

Not a major role; I had done this before because I clean well within a weekend deadline. 

I had even gotten through tough times with my daughter's marriage ceremony and ended up with all mess all around, and holding it together and expecting what comes next. Because that’s what the way of cleaning I do. But today I needed to hire a professional cleaning service and so I needed to relax. 

The experts started their work OK; I was “stressed” a little bit. But now I know how to get it done. The team was Techsquadteam and special thanks to Rahul and Sukant, who did a tremendous cleaning job. Both of them are so calm and composed, I can’t even explain. With all their expertise, they deliver just what they promised. One of my hectic jobs stands out as “I can see a clean home…” and that’s how I feel afterward. 

Today, Rahul and Sukant both are top professionals with 5-star ratings. Techsquadteam is privileged to have such “Rising Stars” in the team. Well done and we wish Rahul and Sukant all the best! So if you want to completely clean your commercial or residential space, please call us at 07795001555!

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