Turn your Home into a Spending Destination in this Scorching Heat Season

While scrolling the Instagram explore feed, see your friends and followings experiencing going out for dinner dates on Weekends or exploring some outskirts of their town for spending quality time with their partner. But unfortunately, your city's scorching heated atmosphere does not permit you for this as on Monday you have to join the office again not the hospital. Because In this temperature if you think to have an outing plan may it end up with health issues.

But at the same we must find some good time with our partners, it is as important as being healthy. Here the question arises of how we can manage both things simultaneously, the health and relationship. Here is the story of a Bangalore-based working couple who go through the same issues and later find a decent way where there all the issues were getting solved.

Story of Diverse Background & Their Sufferings

Tanmay (30) an IT professional, works in a multinational company, and Trisha (28) a Fashion Design enthusiast works in an e-commerce corporation. One is from Chennai and the other is from Bangalore only. They met a couple of years back on a trip with mutual friends. After initial days of friendship, they moved together into an apartment based in the near location to their Head-Quarters.

Pandemic and Findings of New Normal

Just after live-in, the Pandemic happened to the world. The situation where all the life stop's as in the few hundreds of square feet. Everything and all the time you have to stay, eat, work and do whatever but only inside the walls. The pandemic brings a very hard time to all but there is a good corner also in every bad House. 

They both get a very good and long time to spend together to know them well, in the same way, they did cooking good food, watching OTTs, Cleaning Home, Reading Books, Listening to Songs, Long conversations and lots of such things. Everything went smoothly in their relationship.

After One and Half years, as time passes, waves of Covid19 and the situation of the Pandemic go slow, controllable, and down. Things started getting regular, Offices started Off-line, relaxation in the prohibitions, Liberation in Guidelines, Theatres, Restaurants, Travels everything getting too old normal from the new normal.

Conflicts between New Normal and Old Ordinary

Tanmay and Trisha also get engaged in their professional lifestyle, working pressure, and career path. From eight in the morning to night most of their time is either spends in the traffic or the cubicles. At night after reaching home they were not in the condition to give quality time to others as both are physically and mentally tried. The reason for being more tried is from the past year and a half both not faced traffics, travel and physical work more. Since the pandemic new normal was going on for a while, and this became everyone's habit. Now going back to an old version of life, creating a mess for them.

This is also reflected in their relationship because in all this a communication gap enters their relationship. For this, they are not responsible either not intentionally or by choice. Automatically it is happening, due to work and physical stress & lack of timing. But the Good part of this, is they want to solve rather than ruin it.

Choosing the Positive Path and Personalising Moments

This was November-December month of 2021, they decided to communicate about the things which are going on. As understand them well, they take the things deeply. Finally, after long conversations, they came to a point where they decided to spend more available time together, by finding new destinations, traveling, and exploring things. This is very important for anybody to spend good and quality time, finding reasons for traveling, flooding, and exploring together with mutual interests.

Research says that it is as important as eating food for the body, as your mental health is needed. Things are getting back on track, they go out for long launch dates on weekends, night outs, movie dates, and exploring the outskirts of the city.

Scorching Summar and Its consequences

This situation happened to many relationships, some recovered it by understanding it as Tanmay and Trisha. But some unfortunately end up drastically. Summer reason brings some scenario with this you can go out for a quality spending, dates and travels. As there is scorching heat outside and if somehow you managed to go out date end-up with health issues. This summer breaking all the records, people are turning ill in large numbers.

We have a solution for you and your relationships. Spends good quality weekends and holidays together at home, and adopt the pandemic quarantine lifestyle again. Cook good food for each other, read books, listen to music, watch OTTs and do lots of conversations in the positive, healthy and chilled atmosphere at home.

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