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Traffic Jam and Heavy Rainfall have been a Trail for Metro Cities!

People all over the world were affected by the ongoing rain, traffic jams, and power cuts in metro cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. Due to waterlogging, rain, coupled storms, and uprooted trees, many people had to deal with severe traffic chaos on their way to work and college. In addition to this, the rain creates heavy traffic jams in various cities, which adversely affects people's daily lives. Despite the severe heat, the rain and storm brought relief to many commoners as well.

As per reports, people are stranded in long queues of cars on major roads for long hours. Due to this, starting from their work-life to personal space everything is getting affected. However, people often get frustrated while coming back home and neglect their regular activities too. Especially, the sanitary hygiene of the surrounding is getting disturbed. As people are not getting enough time to focus on such issues, they should take responsibility on their shoulders. To play the part, cleaning services come into the picture. Because of all the regular life chaos, all you need is a peaceful sleep.

The Impact of Heavy Rainfall lashes Hyderabad Miserably:

As a result of heavy rains in Hyderabad on 9th October 2021, several low-lying areas were inundated. Several locations in the city received downpours from8 to 6 hours, which received 131.5 mm of rainfall. The Telangana State Development Department also reported rain at a few other locations.

Some residents have complained that their household items have been washed away by rainwater in different residential colonies. Rescue and relief personnel used their best efforts to trace a man who fell in late at night along with his bike. Nevertheless, the man was able to reach his home safely. In the aftermath of heavy rain, a wall collapsed on many two-wheelers parked at a cinema. As a result of the disastrous situation in Hyderabad, the people have been in a state of confusion.

Again on 10th July 2022 - A miserable scenario can come up in a new form. Natural disasters cannot be prevented, but India can prepare its cities so that they remain standing throughout. There is no longer room for laxity about extreme weather events, which are becoming increasingly common. There are particular shortfalls as a result of recent rains. In the first place, there needs to be a serious improvement in traffic jams. As a second concern, stormwater drainage systems must be repaired as soon as possible. The fact that drains are still designed without taking local topography into account, as well as procedures for preventing silting and solid waste deposits that choke inlets and reduce capacity, is unacceptable despite years of town planning experience.

What is the Shot Coming from Heavy Rainfall in Metro Cities?

During this monsoon, heavy rains have brought many Indian cities to a halt, causing urban infrastructure to collapse and residents to become stranded. A city like Hyderabad was battered by the highest rainfall. Earlier last week, a cloudburst wreaked havoc over the city. Due to this, every issue like transportation jams flooding houses, frequent power cuts, roads waterlogged, and lives being lost has been a very regular disturbance.

The worst situation for cities to other calamities may be increased if they are unable to handle rains, which are annual events. Therefore, straightforward disaster mitigation measures should not be delayed, such as auditing unsafe structures and conducting mock drills. Despite tall promises of future smart metropolises, all too many Indians still await just normal functioning cities despite flooding, loss of rainforest, and the dwelling carrying capacity of rivers. Let’s reverse this trend.

Moreover, among all this chaos do not forget that rainfall and traffic jam is always a common issue in metropolitan cities. So dealing with the same is just the only option left. But never compromise your safety despite natural calamities like rainfall. Make sure your house is completely cleaned and sanitized. Because it’s you and your loved ones who are going to suffer later. Watch it out on a serious note!


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