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Top Reality Shows Giving Life-Changing Opportunity to Commoners!

Reality TV shows are extremely popular in India. At the best, these programs give people a good look into the lives of different other people. However, people often find it interesting or you can say the best pass time they enjoy. After the busy buzzing life of individuals, people take out time for those daily amusements to get closer to happiness by spending some “ME” time watching their favorite reality shows. Right? But have you ever thought about who are the people who are making the shows successful? Yes, you got it! They are none other than “YOU”, who are diversified with various talents. The only thing you need is to get the right platform to showcase it. Some love to watch the shows and some are there who want to become part of the shows. Because India is a golden heritage of talented artists. 

But due to various circumstances, they never get a chance to showcase their talent in front of everyone. Now reality shows have lightened that path for commoners to come front and highlight their talents. Many reality shows have changed the lives of hundreds of small town commoners and made them shine like “Stars”. In this glam world, people get a name, fame, and respect too. Along with the one show, you get the opportunity to work on more shows as well. The show sets are completely sanitized because they take care of the health of everyone by seeking sanitization services on regular basis. That means safety comes along with others too. Sounds, good! Right?

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Let’s list out some top shows that made marked for commoners

1.Dance India Dance(DID)

Dance India Dance is one of the most popular shows in India that people love to enjoy every weekend. It used to come on television every Saturday and Sunday. The show was on the air from 30th January 2009. Till now a total of 8 seasons have already entertained the people. And many rising commoners have made their life and carrier because of this show. Starting from the season 1 winner Salam Yusuf Khan, others like Shakti Mohan, Snakat Gaonkar, and many more have risen and shined well in the Industry. Being a commoner they got a golden opportunity, and the show made it possible with all effort and support.

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2.MasterChef India: 

MasterChef India is again a great platform for everyone. Starting from working professionals, to housewives, you can find everyone on this show participating to showcase their talent and make their own identity. India and its spices are remarkable, so to uplift the flavors in different ways such kind of shows has come up. The show started on 2010 and till now many seasons have made special remarks about the participant in it. Many common faces have got names, fame, and respect by winning the show like Pankaj Bhadaouria, Shipra Khanna, Ripudaman Hanada, Nikita Gandhi, and many more. This platform has made the commoners the real gem of India as they truly deserve it.

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3.India’s Got Talent:

The only show that got wings to showcase every individual from any corner of India. It started on 27th June 2009. Such kind of platform has made people relive their life by fulfilling their dreams and passion. The show finds many talents from various corners of the country and lets them showcase their talents in front of the nation and let them decide who deserves the title. With complete 9 seasons, people named Javed Khan, Sonali Majumdar, Manik Paul, Shillong Chamber, and many more have made their face value. Truly inspirable show that let the common people shine like never before.

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4.Indian Idol: 

Indian idol is a great platform for singers. The show started on 2004 and winners like Abhijeet Sawant, Sandeep Acharya, Prasant Tamang, Sourabhee Debbarma, Vipul Mehta, and many more have created their face value. Moreover, these are unknown faces, but the platform has allowed them to shine with their talents.

Life-Changing Opportunity for Commoner: 

Reality shows have made their mark on the television industry very well. These shows have given a tremendous opportunity to common faces and made them fulfill their dreams beyond imagination. No doubt these platforms are great but unless you have faith in yourself you won’t be able to make it up. So believe in yourself and shine like a star!

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