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Top 7 Myths About Bedbugs

Have you ever experienced those skin-snatching nights when one tiny insect has bitten you, and you have scratched that bitten place all night, without sleeping? Nobody would love to go through such a night even in their life. If you have ever dealt with this type of situation, then those tiny insects i.e. Bedbugs are the main culprits to ruin your peaceful sleep and healthy home.

Bedbugs are indoor pests, and there is no particular season they would enter your house and make it their own. Once they come in, their infestation becomes the biggest challenge for you. Because of the wet and dry mixed weather conditions in Bangalore, bedbug infestation is nothing strange. So, taking proper precautions and hiring a professional bedbug pest control company would be a great idea to eliminate these creepy bloodsuckers.

These bedbugs are rapidly spreading and can worsen the health and wealth condition of your family. Never risk your loved ones' life rather hire a bedbug exterminator in Bangalore and nearby places who could help you find the ultimate utmost solution. Expert supervision is better than your pre-mature knowledge. Straight from the experts, here we are providing a few facts behind some of the infamous myths about mini insects.

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Myth-1: Bedbugs can fly

Bugs don’t have wings, hence, they cannot fly. Unless you put a blow dryer behind them, they can fly about meters. But bedbugs are the fast crawlers. They can crawl about a meter in a minute.

Myth-2: Bedbugs reproduce fast

It is completely wrong. They are slower in reproduction compared to other insects. Each adult female bedbug can produce one egg per day, compared with a housefly, it can lay 500 eggs over three to four days. In addition, those eggs take 10 days to hatch and another 5 to 6 weeks to develop into an adult.

Myth-3: Bedbugs can live a year without a meal

According to a study, living in a common room temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius, these creepy bedbugs can live for 2 to 3 months without having their blood meal. But as they are cold-blooded, their metabolism slows down in cold climates, and they can live up to a year without a meal.

Myth-4: Bedbugs are active only at night

Because of their nocturnal nature, people take this myth seriously. But they are like humans, whenever they feel hungry, they move on in their mission to suck human blood. Thus, you need to be aware of their facts in the daytime as well.

Myth-5: Bedbugs love to stay only on mattresses

It is one of the dumbest myths about bedbugs. Because the bed is attached to their names, it doesn’t mean they only stay on mattresses. They can be found in couches, travel bags, luggage, wardrobes, and even on your pets. Moreover, they can also be found in the transportation mode you take to travel like trains, automobiles, planes, etc.

Myth-6: Bedbugs prefer dirty, urban conditions

Bedbugs can be found anywhere from luxurious high-class apartments to homeless shelters. So, their infestation doesn’t depend upon low-income or high income. But they spread their population mostly in densely populated areas, and their elimination becomes an intricate task for the lack of money and proper elimination strategies.

Myth-7 Bedbugs transmit disease

Of course, a bedbugs bite can cause anxiety, sleeplessness, infections, and various other common health problems. And it’s never too late to go for the right detection of the disease. But there is no authentic evidence that they can transmit the diseases to humans. They can harbor human pathogens through at least 27 viruses such as bacteria, protozoa, and many more.

Finding bed bugs in your home or workspace can be stressful, and frustrating. But knowing the proper strategies to eradicate them is the smartest way to tackle bedbugs. Hiring professional bed bug pest control in Bangalore is not as difficult as it used to be. TechSquadTeam bedbug pest control experts are well-trained and know the exact use of chemicals and killing solutions. If you want to get rid of these sneaky pests, then contact us immediately.

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