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Top 5 Trending Wedding Decors to Choose in 2022!

Nothing can beat the lavish decor of a Big Fat Indian Wedding in 2022. To elevate the special day, the traditional yet elegant decor is everyone’s wish and demand. And when it comes to setting up your mood, the venue should be decorated according to your wedding theme. Isn’t it? Starting from light installation, floral decorations, and stage set-up to Mandap decoration, everything should be fantastic and must be ready within the blink of an eye. 

The ravishing decor to mouth-licking food is the two most important factors of a big fat wedding. As the wedding season countdown has begun, each and every wedding venue is open for pre-booking. Keeping serving the best to the costumes, they have already initiated pest control services for the entire venue just to ensure the safety of everyone. Be it the customer or their guests, everyone should enjoy a hygienic environment. 

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Usually, there is no match to an Indian Wedding Decor. Everything is just so good and perfect. To make a statement, 2022 is all set to blast for the wedding sagas, especially for the bride and the groom who are going to rule the evening or the entire party. The sparkling lights all over along with the soothing music in your ears make the couple's entry thoroughly mesmerizing. Isn’t it? But to make a picture-perfect moment have you thought about your wedding decor? Whether it’s going to be a limited guest cozy place or some lavish big arrangements to cherish the moments forever. 

Let’s dive into some wedding decors that would truly be on the top of your game:

Floral Desires:  

Bold colored flowers all around with a subtle touch of lighting are a great trend in 2022. Mixed colors will double your day as a keepsake. 

Outdoor Appearance: 

The ongoing pandemic has somehow crushed the fairy-tale wedding of every individual. But with an outdoor event, you can fulfill your dream wedding quite amazingly. It has been the most preferred choice for 2022. 

Fabrics & Furniture:

This combo is a great duo because neither of them is going to look perfect without the other. Be it a classic fabric with the outburst of a vintage furniture look, everything needs to be sassy to create some cozy corners for the guests. There are various fabrics to choose from such as Mashru, Silk, Satin, Jacquard, and Brocades for your designer event. Along with the touch of woven textures and embroidered fabrics will slash like heaven to your wedding ceremony. Simply make it eye-catching and leave a mark behind all around your guests with soothing fabrics and furniture. 

Sustainable Wedding Decor: 

With the usage of locally sourced elements, the wedding decor can also be made like a star event. Usually, cane, glass, wood, vintage bamboo, and many more utilities are being reused to make things usable in a quite elegant manner. 

Trend-Setting Colors:  

The colors completely depend upon your event timing, whether it’s in the daytime or during the night. There are different colors such as some delicate pastels like lemon, lilac, shades of rose, and many more. Some eco-friendly inspired nature colors such as honey mustards, ambers, rust, and terracotta. Or else some vibrant colors like tangerine or any kind of blue blast are great to go for your wedding event. 


This one is the most important factor in a wedding ritual. Being a prized possession for a groom and a bride, it should be beautifully decorated and ample space would be there in order to take “Pheras” smoothly. 


Now plastic and acrylic backdrops are trending mostly in 2022. Incompetent to that you can choose the curtains, lighting, flowers, fabrics, and furniture to enhance the overall look. And you won’t believe glasses and mirrors are a great combination to add to the backdrops to get the wedding events on top, especially the Sangeet night. 

Wedding decor is something that imprints a long-lasting impression on everyone’s mind. From delicious delicacies to authentic decoration, everything matters when it comes to your Big Day as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. Nothing but your happy moments will be left aside to cherish for lifelong. So make sure you choose the trending wedding decor to make people mesmerized.

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