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Tips to Maintain a Dust Free Home

Tips to Maintain a Dust Free Home

By TechSquadTeam .     May 13, 2021

An Indian dust-free home is very rare. With the rise in pollution in the country, it is very hard to get rid of dust. No matter how well we clean, it always comes back. Keeping our home dust-free is an ongoing never-ending battle, where we can easily lose interest in it. Not only dust makes our home dirty, germs, pollens, dust mites, etc. present in it can adversely affect our physical and mental health.

Regardless of how much we hate doing it, proper cleaning is necessary to eliminate dust from our house, so that it is hygienic and presentable. Regular cleaning is important, but during special occasions or festivities, when our house is a lot messier, it is better to hire professional deep home cleaning services in Kolkata. Dusting can be irritating and it may seem pointless as the dust returns within minutes. But, here are few tips that could help you keeping home dust-free:

The Rule of No Shoes:

Shoes bring all kinds of dust and dirt directly from the outside. The most advisable way is to remove your shoes before entering the house. Install a shoe cabinet at the entrance to keep your outdoor shoes. You can have indoor slippers in the cabinet to use after taking off the outdoor ones.

You can also place a heavy duty doormat that can contain a good amount of dirt from your shoes. But, keep in mind to clean the doormat every week as it can get dirty very quickly.

Avoid Carpets:

It’s true that carpets are beautiful, making our home look elegant and adding softness to our feet. But, they are also one of the most crucial sources of dust. They trap the dust very easily and release small invisible puffs of it when someone walks over it.

Avoid putting carpets, as tiles are easy to clean. But, if you are considering carpets for your home, make sure to vacuum them regularly. Also, clean the under-carpet at least once a month so that that there is a minimal accumulation of dust or dirt under it.

Use Correct Cleaning Supplies:

A simple brush or dry cloth is a common cleaning supply of every household. But, they do not remove the dust the way we want to, they only suspend the dust into the air which then settles later. You need to have proper cleaning products available in the market.

High quality microfiber rags are best to retain dust and good-quality dusting wands will scrape them right off. Your dusting cloth should feel sticky and the microfiber should cling to your skin when you touch them. Also, your dusting wands should have microfiber instead of feathers on the end. These are the supplies that are mostly used by professional kitchen cleaning services in Kolkata.

Use Less Furnishing:

Too much unnecessary furniture and furnishing mean more surfaces that gather dust. They also create more cluttered places and corners, which are hard to clean. Avoid too much cluttering in the bathroom as the dust stains could damage the flooring and you have to call professional bathroom cleaning services in Kolkata.

Also, electronic appliances attract dust more easily such as TV, video game consoles, DVD players, stereo, etc. You can run a dusting through them every day and use a vacuum cleaner to suck the remaining dust. Remember to clean the under areas of each furniture and appliance as most dust gets collected there only.

Air Purifier:

The rise in pollution has made appliances like air purifiers more of a necessity than a luxury. They are designed to collect the dust particles in the air before they even reach the surface. They can remove up to 99.9% of airborne particulate matter and pollutants that can cause several respiratory diseases. Air purifiers are particularly recommended for those homes that have an asthma patient dwelling.

Having a dust-free home is a difficult task. However, we must do what we can to make our home dust-free so that we can avoid several fatal diseases and make the air in our home safe and breathable. For a dust-free home you basically need to do two things, avoid what brings dust to your home and proper ways to clean when the dust accumulates.

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