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This August, Switch On your Celebration Mode just Being at Home!

Several factors contributed to August 2022 being an exceptional month. Although many of the first few months have been devoted to getting to hold on the pandemic and its impacts, more festive gatherings are also in the works. Despite this, it has taught us many things, such as self-reliance and appreciation. However, many different holidays including Rakhsha Bandha, Independence Day, Janmashtami, and Ganesh Chaturthi fall in this month making it more special.

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Now as you are entering the festive season, so let's light up your lives with cheer and sparkle. It's time to celebrate the festivals at home with all the glitz and glamour. Because nothing is more precious than the celebration of festivals with your family and loved ones. Starting from making memories to joyful celebrations, taking care is health is important too. So people often look after the cleaning of their house wherever any occasion arrives. But as this time, the month of August has brought many celebrations, taking care of the entire house so frequently might be difficult. Relax, guys! Well, there is always a way out to revolves this kind of issue, just seek professional cleaning services help. Professional providers are way beyond your imagination wherever you need them. Just a phone call away!

True Value of Celebration While Being At-Home: 

True Value of Celebration While Being At-Home

Nowadays, people are always busy struggling with their professional lifestyle. Especially, when it comes to corporate life getting a leave becomes difficult whenever a festival comes. But now corporate sectors are becoming lenient in terms of festival celebrations. Because the true value of festival celebrations is being with your family and at home. The joy of togetherness is just fantastic.

However, the celebration becomes double when you are around your family and loves ones. And the real celebration begins when the whole family unites and performs every ritual of a celebration from the beginning. Starting from cleaning the entire house, and decorating the space, to preparing delicious cuisines, every single thing makes your bond of yours strong with your loved one. So always prefer to celebrate each day of your life with your loved ones that god has gifted to you. Because life is very precious and so is your family at home. Right?

Good Times During August:

Good Times During August

Every celebration signifies a part of our culture and traditions, and life is synonymous with festivals. To bring excitement and happiness to daily routines, these festivals break up the monotony of daily life. So celebrations are common in India for all occasions, big or small.

Indian festivals have their essences and flavors that you need to experience for yourself. Particularly, August 2022 brings you a diverse selection of the most vibrant, popular, and widely celebrated festivals in India that show off the country's cultural heritage.

Let’s explore those:

Rakhsha Bandhan:

Rakhsha Bandhan

There is no doubt that Rakhsha Bandha, called Rakhi signifies the true bond between a brother and a sister. And this year 2022, Rakhi will be celebrated on 11th August 2022. Every corner of India celebrates Rakhi with all its heart. This popular festival reminisces the promises that a brother does to her sister to protect her from all evil and love the most. In this festival, the sister ties an amulet, and in return, the brother gives a gift and token of promise. However, Rakhsha Bandhan is all about the love and bond between the both to cherish lifelong.

Independence Day:   

Independence Day

Every year Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August. This day is celebrated to rejoice in India’s freedom from British rule in 1947. On this day, every year the Prime Minister of India hosts the National Flag and makes an address to the nation. However, this day is observed as a National Holiday all across India. Most schools and colleges organize cultural events, competitions, speeches, and more activities, and students and faculties willingly participate and celebrate the day. Some societies also conduct the same and make it a perfect at-place celebration.



Janmashtami is celebrated with the birth of Lord Krishna all across the country. On this day, people celebrate it at home and some visit temples with varieties of tasty delicacies. Especially, in Vrindaban and Mathura which is the birth and childhood place of Lord Krishna is all set to dance and welcome god. The whole place is all enlightened with lights, flowers, colors, and more things to rejoice in the day. But some celebrate the day at home quite happily too. They used to perform puja and organize Dahi Handi too to make it more fun. Isn’t it cool?

Ganesh Chathurthi: 

Ganesh Chathurthi

Among all the festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi holds some special significance in everyone’s life. It is celebrated to welcome the birth of Bal Ganesha in Hindu Mythology. People celebrate this day by making the idol of Lord Ganesha in their house, and some set up Pandals in societies, schools, colleges, and many places. Starting from decorations, and puja offerings, to prasad offerings, everything just makes the day auspicious and pious. All over India, it is being celebrated, especially in Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, Gujrat, and Chattisgarh. And on the tenth day, the “Visarjan” takes place with dance, music, and a heavy heart and offers prayers requesting Lord to come the next year too.

No doubt, festivals are celebrations signifies the time for fun and joy. But among all this heftiness, never forget about your safety. Because before and after a celebration there is always a mess all around that requires immediate attention. So make sure to deep clean your surrounding to make your happiness double. Right!


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