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The Do’s & Don’ts of Pest Control in Summer

Here in Chennai, people got covered with many pests during summer. Being one of the populated cities, ignoring pest issues sounds like a stupid thing. Take a look at adopting pest control services in the summer.

Nobody is unaware of the fact that pest creates a really good impact when the summer begins. Whether it's cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, flies, bed bugs, termites, or any other pests, it’s very much crucial to take the right step in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from these creepy creatures. And general pest control services in Chennai are part of the right move towards their end. Hiring professionals can really make a huge difference while resolving your pest stress quite effectively. Because in summer, you can easily find out the pests inside as well as outside your home. As the whole country is transitioning into summer, everyone should be more cautious while taking the best effective results. 

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Read on to learn more about the dos & Don’ts of pest control in summer. 


1. Keep your yard tidy and clutter-free as it can be proved to be a great breeding place for pests. Prefer to trim the grass and the place clean in order to prevent their spread. 

2. Do avoid stagnant water as it’s a great survival source for mosquitoes, flies, and many more pests. Cleaning them on regular basis will keep them away while creating their residing place. 

3. Check out your outdoor furniture thoroughly as there is a high chance of the formation of spider webs when you spot them. And do swipe any of your indoor furniture with the outside ones, as there might be termites in it.  

4. Do clean your clutter at regular intervals. If you will leave it as it is then the clutter will definitely welcome those insane pests.

5 . Seal the cracks and holes of your windows and doors as the pests can enter through a minute place as well. Close all the possible points for their entry as you never know their appearance. 

6. Do wear light color and light fabric apparel as they prevent the pest like mosquitoes to bite. And along with that prefer to wear long sleeves and full trousers too. 

7. Do clean the kitchen counter and the dustbins will stale and spilled food items as they invite the flies, ants, and cockroaches quite easily. 

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1. Do not attempt to do pest control on your own. It will not only be risky but also won’t be effective at all as it requires desired skills and techniques. Hiring a professional pest control service provider is the optimum solution. Having advanced tools and expertise, they know the best way out to solve your pest problems, especially in summer. A little mistake might make you invite the more creepy guests to your house. However, a professional knows the right way to get them away from their roots without causing any harm to you and your loved ones in your house. 

2. Don’t use any kind of scented products as it greatly attracts the pest to you affecting your skin and indirectly your health. And if you are thinking about a repellent then don’t get confused in terms of their smell because it’s a repellent for pests to keep them away. 

Techsquadteam is here to help you with what matters - you and your loved one. Due to summer, nobody wants to do something on their own as it sweats a lot. Because of the scorching heat, people often become lazy even doing their personal chores and it’s about the pests. Well, without considering any of the sides blaming anyone will not be the right thing. Just people might not be getting enough time to look after the situation, or they genuinely are too lazy to do it. Any of the either can be the reason behind, so solve this kind of issue, service providers have taken the place. 

Having committed to keeping your house clean and completely pest-free is what their motto is all about. Following the utmost safety of our customers, we deliver the best service in Chennai. Visit us at to learn more about pest control services and packages. Keep your home and your loved ones safe this summer. 

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