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Techsquadteam Guides: The Best Solution for Bed Bugs in Chennai!

Read below the effects due to bedbugs and the best solution for it in your day-to-day life.

People often roam around one particular question what could be the best possible solutions for bed bug eradication. Because bed bugs are the only creatures that not only affect your beautiful night but also give you painful spots on your body. So it’s completely necessary to find an ultimate solution to get rid of these irritating creatures. 

Nowadays everyone seems to be in hurry, running here and there while figuring out their daily chores. But after the whole long day when you come to sleep, these pathetic pests do not allow you to make that happen. So hiring a professional bed bug control service near me is the permanent solution to this regular problem. Because an expert can only sort all these issues without making you suffer a lot. So, it’s your choice whether you want a peaceful night or wants to wake up at midnight scratching all over your body. Sounds, painful! Isn’t it?

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Read below how o identify these tiny creepy creatures in your home

Itchy red bite spots

Itchy red bite spots:  

Well, these red itchy marks are due to the bed bug bites. But its appearance is not familiar to everyone. Where someone is asymptotic for up to 3 to 4 days, and on the other hand, some people realize an immediate itching sensation. And its appearance on the skin is also different like straight rows, tiny clusters, or zigzag lines. 

Acute blood stains

Acute blood stains: 

Undoubtedly these acute blood stains are due to bed bugs, but the reason for it is different like bleeding from a fresh bed bug bite, unknowingly mashed up bed bug, or spill over bite spot trails. All in all, you can conclude that if you are finding bloodstains on your bed, then it’s high time to call a professional bed bug exterminator for complete treatment and solution.

Pungent smell

Pungent smell: 

You can also detect bed bugs through their pungent smell. It smells like an old damp towel and it’s only because of their pheromones which are produced through their scent glands. Most importantly whenever there is a bed bug in your room, there you can easily sense it as the smell is very much overpowering. Nothing can beat those foul odors in any case. Make sure to avoid such kind of situation, and consult an expert for better precautions as early as possible. 

Fecal spots

Fecal spots: 

One can easily spot these creepiest creatures through their small dark fecal spots on the bed after they feed on your blood. Usually, you can recognize it at the corner or edges of the mattress, walls, or bed linens. And the most interesting part is you can easily distinguish between the bloodstains and fecal spots as the fecal spots are extremely darker than the bloodstains. 

Exoskeletons are molted

Exoskeletons are molted: 

The size varies every time the bed bug grows. If it’s an adult bed bug then its size is similar to an apple seed. And once they start to mature, they molt multiple times within a year. Due to this, you are able to visualize those exoskeletons on your bed which is an ultimate sign of bed bug infestation. 

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What are the main causes of bed bugs? 

  1. Cross-contamination in a multiple unit surrounding
  2. Purchase used and old furniture
  3. New people residing in your home
  4. Contamination through your stay in hotel, resort, and hostel 

Read below the 5 best solutions for bed bugs in Chennai for anyone who wants an end-up solution. 

1. Thoroughly identify the infested areas: 

Inspect the areas properly for bed bug infestation such as cracks, mattresses, the seam of your carpets, in between the cushions, and many more. 

2. Contain the bed bugs: 

Once after identification, make sure it won’t spread further. For which vacuum the spaces, and seal it in a plastic bag and threw it away. Or else you can use steam to kill them as well. 

3. Kill the bed bugs: 

To kill the bed bugs, there are no defined ways. There are various natural remedies but the most common is with heat or cold method, steam method, covering the mattresses. Along with that, there is also a conventional bed bug treatment too like using an insecticide, usage of desiccants, or deployment of a bug bomb. 

4. Monitor the affected areas: 

Usually, it takes weeks or a month for the bed bug infestation to wipe out. To check whether the treatment is working or not, check the infested areas thoroughly. 

5. Hire an expert:

Hiring a professional exterminator is a fast and effective way to bed bugs infestation. Nothing can touch their years of expertise and experience while eradicating these instance creatures. So, hire a professional bed bug control in Chennai to get them cleared as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for the best solution for your home to make it completely bedbug-free, then call Techsquadteam at 07795001555. 

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