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Superb cleaning hacks for a sparkling clean bathroom

Who likes to spend their leisure in bathroom cleaning? Nobody. But, all dreams to see an organized and sparkly clean bathroom always. How is it going to be possible, without moving your hands, and sitting on the couch? But this blog will show you some wondrous cleaning hacks that can help you make an expert in yourself. These hacks are very simple and let you enjoy your bathroom today. Only by using home ingredients, you can get an excellent cleaned bathroom. Now be stress-free! No use of harsh chemicals, so no worry of stripping of enamel. But do you want an expert’s advice or will do it on your own? Because a professional can guide you with great tips and techniques to make your bathroom look super clean.

Honestly saying, nothing pleases me more than a clean bathroom. And, this summer season, lots of guests and relatives are going to come to my house for summer vacation, and so it is apparent that the bathroom will get more traffic these days. But these excellent tips are simple clean your bathroom on a routine basis. So, let’s hop on them to prepare your bath for a deep clean.

Prevent steamy mirrors– 

Nothing is visible through a foggy, steamy mirror. So, a brilliant idea I want to share with you is that shaving cream works like a wonder to defog the mirror. Pure genius, isn’t it?

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Remove fungus from shower curtains –

Add ½ cup of baking soda to the washing detergent and wash it thoroughly to get rid of mildew. Then, you can use ½ cup of vinegar and rinse it thoroughly with it.

Use magnetic strip as storage– 

Oh my Gosh! Finding hair clips scattered all over the bathroom floor! Use a magnetic strip in the bathroom to keep all these essential items like tweezers, hair clips, and nail clippers nicely organized.

Increase airflow –

Keep your curtain in the middle of the shower and leave gaps at either edge to create a better flow. You will achieve an increased air flow which will result in a clean bathroom.

Spray detergent and wait –

After you have sprayed cleaner in your bath, taps, toilets, doors, and clothes holder, leave it for a few minutes. It will enable the cleaner to absorb the oxidation, dust, and dirt and do its job well. Till then, enjoy a well-deserved hot tea with your family.

Sandwich Bag, for your shower head? –

Do you know a sandwich bag can clean your showerhead thoroughly? Fill it with two teaspoons of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar. Tie it to your shower head using a rubber band and switch on the shower to fill the bag up. Don’t be hurry. Leave it overnight and see the scum and debris fall off effortlessly from the shower head.

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Prevent mildew –

If your bathroom remains damp most of the time and the air ventilation doesn’t work well, then you can stop spreading mold by using one simple tip. Leave your shower curtain soaked in salt water for a few hours before hanging it.

Get a secondary curtain rail –

Install a second rod underneath your curtain rail so that you don’t have to run out of room for shampoo bottles and shower gels in-between baths. You can hang these items on hooks, and it also keeps the surfaces clean.

An odor-less bin –

Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda in your trash bin to keep it smelling fresh all day. So simple, isn’t it?

Store everything in glass jars –

Store cotton balls, bath salts, make-up sponges, and more in glass jars. This looks far nicer than in plastic boxes.

Vacuum clean first –

If your bathroom is made of tiles, then sweep or vacuum clean it first, before you start mopping its floor. It ensures an effortless clean process as it removes all dust from its surface.

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All the above points can help you to get a sparkling clean bathroom. However, if you are still not satisfied with the result, then don’t feel hesitated to call a  professional bathroom cleaning in Bangalore. TechSquadTeam is one of those reliable bathroom cleaning companies in Bangalore that have talented cleaners and experienced professionals, especially in user and Banashankari. Our cleaning experts carry out the sanitation activities by doing a peculiar inspection and executing proper methods so that you will never feel clumsy in front of your guests.

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