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Six Facts about Bed Bugs Everyone Should Know

It is truly relaxing to sleep in a bed after a day-long hectic schedule. Whether you live alone or with your family, your home is one of the places to relax and enjoy your life. The moment you lie on the soft cozy bed you always expect to have a good sleep and forget all your worries and tensions.

But sometimes your sleep doesn’t go as you are expecting. Because it is completely disturbing while recognize the signs of these creatures. And finding a complete solution to that is even more difficult. Isn’t it? As you lie on the bed with a cozy blanket you feel like a small creature is tickling and roaming around you. The moment you feel this you are awakened from your sleep and you start feeling irritated. The small creature tickling you is known as bed bugs. If they are present in your home or even in a commercial place they are a threat to you in the long run. The presence of these small creatures cannot be ignored at any cost. They are very harmful to you because they may lead to rashes in the skin, skin irritation, and other types of health problems. To avoid this kind of situation, make sure you must take a step ahead of these blood-sucking creatures.

Some Facts to Know About Bed Bugs

Generally, homeowners ignore their presence due to which they face lots of difficulty in the long run.

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There are some facts which you need to know about bed bugs:-

(1.) The tiny eggs of bed bugs

The size of the eggs of bed bugs is 1mm in size. It means it is equivalent to two grains of salt. A female bedbug lays about 500 eggs in a single day. This amount is sufficient to damage a specific area in your home.

(2.) Bed Bugs are tiny and Intelligent Creatures

These tiny creatures are intelligent creatures as they use special tactics for survival.  They prefer to stay out of sight during the daytime. They are kept hidden in different corners of the home. They come out of their hidden space when you are sleeping. They get attracted to the smell of exhaled carbon dioxide.

(3.) They are robust and have high resistance capability

The bed bugs can easily spread anywhere be it hotels, schools, commercial spaces, offices, etc. They can survive in extreme temperatures from nearly freezing up to 120 Fahrenheit. They cannot be treated with domestic measures. To treat them you need to consult professional bed bug services in Bhubaneswar.

(4.) Can easily combat pesticides

If you are using traditional methods to get rid of bed bugs then you must know that these bed bugs have a natural resistance to withstand the pesticides. To stop them you need to consult the bed bug control services in Bhubaneswar. The professional can use effective ways to get rid of bed bugs.

(5.) Saliva contains a meek sedative

There are meek sedatives in the saliva which essentially work when the bug bites the people while they are sleeping. Their saliva makes the feeding process easy and almost painless.

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(6.) Have a high consumption rate

A male adult can consume up to 120 gallons of water in their stomach at one time.

The Final Thoughts  

These small creatures can create serious health issues for you if not treated on time. It is better to consult professional bed bug control services in Bhubaneswar to control the increasing number of bed bugs.      


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