Fumigation and Sanitization

Fumigation and Sanitization Fumigation and Sanitization

Save your home with the Indian Government's free booster dose for all 18-59 years old!

The havoc of the COVID-19 pandemic is still buzzing like a bee in every individual’s mind. Still, no one has come up from the terrifying situation in the last 3 years. In the year 2019, the deadlier virus knocked on the door like hell, making everyone restless. And the 1st variant of COVID-19 named SARS -Cov2 has taken much life, making every individual sick and weak. However, the death rate increased like nothing along with the affected rates. After rigorous effect and research, the Indian Government has succeeded in getting a vaccine ready for the citizens. They started conducting various vaccination under the national vaccination drives for the betterment of the citizens. And somehow everything gets under control.

But again it’s a piece of the very heartbreaking news that the second wave of COVID-19 again hit in the middle of March 2021. And by April 09, the highest number of cases has been identified in India. However, during the first wave, the central government imposed a nationwide lockdown to control the rising cases. And the same thing continues during the second wave too, but remember one thing that following the guidelines is not enough. You need to take care of the cleanliness of your house too. Because during this situation, whatever you bring to your house carries germs and bacteria. So you never know who could be next? Like whether you are safe or not. But to control your thought process like you are safe anyways, you need to look after your basic cleanliness. Regular cleaning of the house should be done. Starting from the house amenities to the utilities that you carry from outside should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. Or else you can hire professional sanitization services in Bangalore for fast and effective results. What’s say?

How the COVID-19 Third Wave is On-Air to Ruin Everyone’s Life?

For the past two years, COVID-19 is creating disaster. Every single instance has been ruined like human life, their finances, and their emotional state of mind. Everything was at stake at that moment. People have faced huge business losses as the government imposed a complete lockdown. And again this year, COVID-19's third wave is back with a bang. Day by day the cases are increasing like hell due to which the Indian government has started precautionary measures for early treatment which is commendable.

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Save your Life & your Home with the Free Booster Dose:

The ongoing peculiar action of the booster dose drive has already been initiated by the Indian Government to have control against the third wave. The government vaccinations center has already started its vaccination drive for precaution dose to the healthcare worker, the frontline workers, and the population ’60s. However, according to statewide the vaccination date has been finalized to avoid any kind of hassle. And a booster dose is now available to people who have received their second dose and have completed it 9 months after receiving it.

Enhancing safety by adding an extra layer! At Private Vaccination Centres, Precaution Doses will be available for those aged 18 and over starting on 10th April 2022. As announced by the Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, all 18+ who have completed 9 months after receiving the 2nd dose will be eligible to receive the Precaution Dose. Finally, the announcement and release of booster doses have created relief among the citizens. So before it’s too late, make sure to be the first one to get vaccinated and the safest among all. Right!

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Moreover, the prime motive behind these precautionary measures is to stay safe and healthy. But is it enough? No, not at all! No doubt you are taking the vaccine to avoid any kind of infection but until you keep your surroundings clean and sanitized, you won’t be able to lead a germ-free life. Even after taking the vaccine, you are not completely safe from the virus. Because it’s not enough, so you better take care of cleanliness all around you for your complete safety. A clean environment saves you from falling sick. So it’s always advisable to sanitize your surrounding.

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