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Reliable Pest Control Services in Bangalore

Reliable Pest Control Services in Bangalore

By TechSquadTeam .     November 01, 2018

A periodic notice of ants and cockroaches may not be very serious and doesn’t create too much trouble. But, during the winter season, we can see most pests in and around our vicinity. Many species search for their food and shelter in winter. It not only indicates a sign of their infestation but also can be an important health hazard to you and to your family members. These pests can be the carrier of deadly diseases, so TechSquadTeam is the best solution to eradicate life taking insects from the house.

  • Pest Control at Home: You may not aware that your home can be a habitat of so many types of pests such as rodents, termite, ants, cockroaches, bugs, and many more. One question comes to our mind that we daily sweep and mop our house but where are these pests coming from? The answer is our home may be clean visibly but in reality, it is not. To make our house pests free and give it a healthy atmosphere professional pest control treatment is a must.
  • Pest control at Office: According to a research, pest-infested office often creates distress and frustration amongst employees. They highly impact on the health of employees as well as their productivity and performance. Pests can be found in office furniture, equipment, and cables.

In an office cafeteria, we can see feasting of ants on leftover foods, especially in winter. But that doesn’t seem to be a big concern until breeding of these ants in a small hole or in a corner we have seen. It is the sole responsibility of an employer to create a pest free and healthy work environment to avoid employee absenteeism which increases productivity and interest.

TechSquadTeam understands every type of pests’ infestation in a very unique way. We employ well trained, talented professionals to handle commercial and residential pest control treatment. After getting an appointment, they visit your place and accurately understand your problem, inspect the infested area in detail and begin their task right away.

Here we serve a few tips and tricks to reduce pests at workstations.

  1. Dejunk your office cabin regularly: In every office, mostly in government organization, we can see a hill of files, papers, stationeries, and other kinds of stuff. Pests like rat, ants easily hide inside a tiny place and expands their family making exterminator work little bit trickier.
  2. Have a hygienic cafeteria to avoid eating at workspace: Employees who have a tight schedule or more work pressure prefers to stick to their desk and even they eat at their workspace. So, companies should have strict norms to avoid eating at workstations. A small piece of food dropped and unattended to remove attracts bacteria and pests.

Thus, Companies should have a clean cafeteria which is frequently cleaned by the caretakers.

  1. Disinfection of workplace and waste disposal system: We should dispose of leftover food, drinking cans, and chocolate wrappers, snacks etc. immediately to avoid pests. Otherwise, these wastes can welcome pests like ants and cockroaches. To keep our workspace disinfected, we should regularly clean and sanitize it. It not only keeps the ants and cockroaches away from our cabin but also offers a healthy atmosphere to work more effectively.
  2. Hire a professional to remove pests completely: Whether we detect a pest or not in our workstations, we should have a regular extermination process. It is very affordable and fair to hire an expert for these treatments. Professionals help us to eliminate pests from office areas.
  3. Pest Control at Hotels: If any customer detects pest during his hotel stays, then it results in customer dissatisfaction and negative comments about the hotels, which will eventually spread in social media. It enhances the bad reputation of the hotel which seriously affects business. Pests can be seen any types of hotels, especially in bar, kitchen, and restaurants. An authority can take legal action to ensure public safety. In hotels, pests such as bugs, cockroaches, flies, and rodents are encountered.


Below given 4 infamous pest control techniques for hotels and restaurants.

  1. Proper inspection of Hotel rooms: Before booking a hotel room, our recommendation is to properly inspect the room and check reviews of the hotel brand. Always keep your luggage outside before confirming the room for any bed bugs and cockroach.
  2. Take care of clothes: Bed bugs and tiny insects stay on floors and furniture. So, better keep your clothes and belongings away to avoid these pests enter into your clothes.
  3. Keep your luggage disinfected: Keeping your luggage and bags sealed with plastic wraps avoid bed bugs entering into it. Keep the suitcase in a bathtub and give hot air flow to your clothes for about an hour to kill any hidden bugs. 
  4. Hire professional pest control services in bangalore: The best step to eradicate bed bugs completely is to hire a professional team so that they closely inspect all the hotel rooms, and spaces and use their innovative technology to make your hotel healthy, pest free for the customers.

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