Ramadan – A Holy Month for Muslims to Seek the Blessings of Allah!

The holy month of Ramadan signifies the millions of individuals' spiritual significance, the fast they do just to seek forgiveness and praise Allah. During this pure month, people fast from sunrise to sunset carrying immense power to control the cravings for food and water for long 12-14 hours a day. 

Read below the true significance of Ramadan and its benefits making it a secular month.  

Ramadan - Being the most holistic month in the Islamic calendar, Muslims does everything to draw closer to Allah. Starting from fasting, abstaining from any pleasures, to making regular Duas, everything is the part and parcel of the whole month signifying Ramadan. Along with that, you can get reluctant time to enjoy yourself with your friends and families while breaking the fast. This is being followed for the entire month, ending up with the worldwide celebration of Eid-Ul Fitr. Sounds cool! 

Read below the various benefits of Ramadan.     

During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims believe to fast for a whole long day which has been initiated more than last 1300 years back with the formation of Islam. From spiritual benefits, health benefits, and scientific benefits, to psychological benefits. Each and every benefit symbolizes its own values for the whole month. They often break their fast in the Masjid as well united with others. While doing this, make sure to maintain the utmost sanitization in the surrounding before consuming the Iftari. Or else you can seek sanitization services as well before the Iftari preparation for everyone’s good health and hygiene. 

Spiritual benefits of fasting in Ramadan:  

  1. Conveys greater rewards:  It signifies that the Muslims who can capable of fasting should never hesitate to do that in order to seek the blessings and rewards of Allah. Every single hour you fast, the more you come closer to Allah in the next birth. 
  2. Increases Taqwa:  Taqwa is nothing but a phrase in the holy Quran which signifies the presence of Allah and the truth behind it. As we know every sin has its reverse action as Allah is watching, make sure to be cautious on your deeds. 
  3. Way to paradise and prevents hellfire:  Muslims greatly believe that those who fast for the whole month of Ramadan are allowed to paradise only through the Ar-Rayan gate on the Day of Resurrection. Overally you can say that every single day prevents you from hellfire to Jannah.

Scientific benefits of fasting in Ramadan: 

  1. Prevents cancer:   It has been stated that after fasting in Ramadan, people are leading a healthy risk-free life as it lowers the risk factor. Reversing the health risk factor such as cancer with reduced glucose synthesis in the blood, increased tumour-killing cells, and balanced nutritional intakes. 
  2. Stress reduction:  As fasting during the month of Ramadan month is really a holy deed, it greatly helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression level. As people follow a strict routine of getting off early and consuming before sunrise, sleeping, and again eating in the evening, they know the real value of following these habits for the whole month. 
  3. Assists in Weight-loss:  Fasting during the Ramadan month greatly impacts your healthy by initiating a weight-loss approach. 

Health benefits of fasting in Ramadan: 

  1. Improves digestion system:  Fasting greatly impacts the lifestyle of every individual by improving their digestive system. It takes a month to deoxidize the body naturally to flush out the toxins by balancing the acidity level. 
  2. Lowers cholesterol and improves sugar level:  As we know long hours of fasting stimulate the lipid profile by lowering cholesterol, it helps prevent other health risks such as strokes, heart attacks, and other diseases too. 

Psychological benefits of fasting in Ramadan: 

  1. Increases alertness: Always keep in mind that fasting keeps your body and mind active and alert. As it helps in regulating glucose levels, it increases your alertness by preventing tiredness. 
  2. Boost willpower:  As the whole month of Ramadan is being celebrated with friends and family, it does spare you any kind of alone time which greatly helps to boost up your willpower as it creates a great sense of happiness and self-control. 

Below are some items listed that people consume in Sehri and Iftari: 

Sehri Dishes:  Sehri is the morning meal consumed during Ramadan before sunrise. As it’s going to perform whole day meal energy, then you should include plenty of fluid-rich food items. From whole grains to high fibre foods, everything should be included to keep a person fuller. 

  • Egg brik
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Afghani bolani
  • Porridge
  • Full Ramadam

Iftari Dishes:  After the whole day long without food and water, they break their fast by consuming Iftari. It solely signifies the evening snack that includes fruits & vegetables, nuts, grains & dairy. Along with that some protein-rich items such as meat, fish, egg, and many more. 

  • Dates
  • Keema samosa
  • Shorba
  • Kebabs
  • Haleem

Millions of Muslims fast the whole month of Ramadan knowing the job is quite challenging and tough. But in the end, it shows gratitude and seeks the blessings of Allah. Enjoy Eid- Ul Fitr in the month end of Ramadan with all happiness!


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