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Pros and Cons of Travelling

Pros and Cons of Travelling

By TechSquadTeam .     October 05, 2019

‘Travelling the world’, the notion itself is too mesmerizing not to be implemented.Gayle Forman, the fiction novel writer, said, “Travelling is not something you are good at. It’s like something you do like breathing.”The statement justifies travelling for what exactly it is. Various people travel for various reasons. Many people travel to relax their mind and body, others travel on business. Many travels to meet new people; others travel to visit their folks. Some people travel as vagabonds and want a wanderlust experience, others travel with a purpose. But whatever the reason may be, travelling always gives you unfamiliar and new experiences.

Just like every other thing even travelling has certain pros and cons. You might be an experienced traveller or just a novice looking forward to starting travelling, the best thing you can do before booking a trip is to weigh all the positive and negative traits of the journey.

Let’s look into a few pointers that can help you decide how you want to plan your next vacation. First, let’s look into the positive aspects of travelling.

Pros of Travelling

Creates a lifetime of memories

Wherever you may be travelling, whether it is a group trip or just a solo expedition, you are bound to gain many memories that you can cherish a lifetime. Every place has a different vibe, beauty and authenticity to it which helps you in making recollections that you can look back into.

Provides inner peace

Stress and tension have become an integral part of our lives. From our teenage, we have so many things going on in life that we gradually become grumpy or prone to various diseases due to this extensive stress. Travelling helps you take your mind off of many of our routine tensions like office, college, home maintenance, etc.

Expands your communication and social skills

When you travel you have to talk to different people on the journey to know better about the different cultures, traditions, routes, destinations and many other things. This improves your communication skills and social skills no matter how introvert you are in your personal life.

Have fun and enjoy

Travelling helps you to have fun and appreciate your life more. When all the stress is gone, you start to enjoy even the little things in life. This is what happens during travelling. No matter what your age is, you start enjoying a good and scheduled trip.

Break from routine boredom

whenever you start to travel, you take a break from your day to day chores. The regular office going life brings unwanted tensions and travelling helps in diminishing it significantly. Even housewives need a break from house maintenance which is even more difficult than a regular job. Professional cleaning services can assist while you plan for your next big trip.

Now, that you have an idea regarding the positive facets of travelling the negative traits also need to be discussed for balancing your point of view towards wandering away from home which is supposed to be the safest place for every individual.  

Cons of travelling

Financial factors

Travelling can prove to be an expensive affair. Whether you travel near or far, there is always expense attached to it. Taking a flight, or a train or any mode of transportation cost you money. Staying at hotels or guest houses cost you money. The food will cost you as you can make it on your own.

Prone to diseases and infestations

When you are travelling you are moving into someplace unknown with its own environment. Many people catch foreign diseases and pests just by travelling there. History has witnessed the Great Plague being transmitted only by the travelling sailors. And pest like bed bugs latches themselves to your luggage so that once you reach home you call up bed bug control services near you to take care of the situation.

Dangerous situations

No matter how much you plan your trips, you can never avoid unfortunate incidents from happening. Travelling is a risky affair. Surely you enjoy the adventures but adventures always come with the risk of accidents. Most people avoid travelling for this reason. Also, the cultural differences, unforeseen events, communication, social etiquettes, and many more reasons can be responsible for a single mishap. 

Exhausting in nature

Moving out of your comfort zone is always exhausting. Your home is your safe place, but when you travel you leave behind your home and the place you are most comfortable in. Many trips might demand extensive physical efforts and mental readiness. This makes travelling fairly tiring.

Miss out on important things

while you are busy travelling you might miss out on many important projects, home affairs, office presentations, or functions. This can be a major loss when you think about losing significant memories.


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