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Preventive measures to keep bed bugs away from home

Preventive measures to keep bed bugs away from home

By TechSquadTeam .     December 07, 2018

Bed bugs are night-loving insects. As owls stay active during the night, bed bugs are also found very busy during this time. When you fall asleep, they start searching for food and their food is your blood. When we release carbon dioxide, then sense that air and makes notice of our sleeping. They locate a good vein on our exposed skin and pierce into it to suck the blood.


Bed bugs are well skilled to consume your blood painlessly since their saliva has a numbing agent. To digest their meal, they usually hide either on or near the bed. They leave behind blotches of your blood and shed skin which can help you to understand the existence of bed bugs.


When they become almost eighty by population, then start to separate and spread in other areas of the home. They are slow but are very steady. Do you know a ladybug can actually travel 100 feet during the night? 


There are different ways to protect yourself from home and business from bed bug infestation. First, use hard-sided suitcases to prevent unwanted passengers. They easily get hidden in the fabric. Whenever you go out, do a thorough inspection after returning. Secondly, when you pack your clothes, place them in sealable plastic bags to avoid bed bugs. Never store your baggage on the floor, rather keep it on the dresser, table, or luggage rack. Thirdly, upon returning home, unpack all your clothes in the laundry area.


Another way to prevent bed bugs is encasement of both mattress and box spring. It is scientifically cleared that taking proactive action like encasing mattress, and pillow prevents bedbugs from harbouring within your bed. Once encased. No other bugs can enter and none can come out from it. So, this makes the professional’s work bit easier.


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