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Popular Wall Painting varieties for Home Decor

Popular Wall Painting varieties for Home Decor

By TechSquadTeam .     November 10, 2018

What comes to our mind when we see a blank white painted wall? In Bangalore, almost all houses are white painted, whether it is rented or owned. It’s very difficult to find a well-skilled colourist in the city. Don’t you want to give a makeover to these blank walls? Yes, then the easiest and affordable way to give a fresh and new color to the walls is with TechSquadTeam. Not only homes, but we also provide painting services in commercial buildings and offices.


Our team carries the best engineers, and painters, who work with good determination and finish their work within the stipulated time. Professional house painters have the expert knowledge about, shades, lighting, panting, and colors. They handle the job in an effective way that there will be no wastage of colors. Be assured no wastage or spoilage will be done, no paint marks on furniture will be seen and your wall will be coated with cent percent authentic paints.


Decades back, it was not that important to design your home, mainly walls. Nowadays it becomes a passion among the youth who wants to buy a house or build a flat. We have the expertise for guidance on wall paints and interior painting, technology-enabled awesome wall colourists. Enjoy beautiful color splash on exterior walls for a long period.


  • We undertake all kind of painting projects for residential and commercial customers.
  • Our team holds most trustworthy, skilled and professional painters.
  • Good track record of delivering top quality painting services.
  • Safe and non-toxic paint products.
  • Advanced and high-end tools and equipment.


Besides the simple painting of walls, there are different types of wall painting which we offer for residential and commercial customers.


  1. Interior wall painting: Whether it is a rented house or commercial buildings or office, we do all kinds of interior painting. Simply, raise a ticket for interior painting and get the highest quality wall painting which no local paint slinger or online service provider can ever give.
  2. Exterior wall painting: Give a fabulous facelift to the exterior walls of your home and office with our talented exterior wall painters who apply their innovative ideas to reach its all the nooks and corners. Thus, what is the need for negotiations and compromises which we used to do with old paint contractors?
  3. Wall Texture House Painting: Transform plain walls into your favorite textured painted wall. Whether you love the metallic or non-metallic structure or dune and Antico structure, our expertise will magically transform the walls and give your walls vibrant textures patterns.
  4. Wood Painting: Our team provides best wood painting and polish service very carefully. Expert wood painters pick up the right wood polish and color all the wooden furniture by the suitable paint. We extend all types of wood painting service whether it is mahogany or MDF, decorative wooden piece or teak wood.
  5. Metal Painting: Our experts paint metal gate, grills, roofing with highest quality metal paints and metal primer to maintain its aesthetic appeal and protect its inner surface from rusting away. They better know which coat is the best for your home and office grills.
  6. Waterproof Painting: Our experts find out the problem and its solution for waterproofing walls. They do the expert application of specialized and curative products.


How to get the best wall Painters in Bangalore?


Looking for a skilled applicator in Bangalore? It is going to be easy for you in a busy city like Bangalore. Our colorists are very apprehensive about painting, shades, and lighting. They also take the necessary measures to avoid any spoils and stain marks on your furniture or ground. We assure to deliver fast and comfortable painting service. All you have to do is to raise a ticket on our website or call us to book an appointment. We will be looking for a few details about what sort of painting you would like to have and time intervals.

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