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Pest Management: The biggest Hindrance in Hospitality Business

Pest Management: The biggest Hindrance in Hospitality Business

By TechSquadTeam .     October 09, 2019

Hotels are supposed to be the getaway locations that provide us the relaxation and recreation that we crave for in our routine day to day hectic schedule we call life.

Some people book hotels for work-related businesses like conferences, workshops and business tours, but still, they book the best and coziest of the hotels. So the whole point of hotels is to provide comfort and cleanliness to the guests.

But pests can become a headache when it comes to the hospitality business. Controlling pests at home is nothing less than a challenge. Hotels are like a home away from home but on a large scale. So managing a pest problem can be both tricky and complex.

Bangalore is known as the IT hub or the electronic city. The whole city is the center for many businesses and corporate houses and people come from all over India and abroad to work here. For the traveling executives hotels are the only respite in between their work.

This makes the hospitality business a vital industry in Bangalore. With so much dependent on hotels and people looking for the ultimate ease and coziness, pests can prove to be a major problem for the owners of this hospitality business. Cockroaches and rodents in the kitchen restaurants, bed bugs in the guest rooms and termites in the wooden furniture of the hotel not only decrease the reputation of the hotel but also hampers business directly in terms of finances, investments and values.

The most populous areas in Bangalore are most prone to pest infestations and locations of the hotels play a major role in pest management. Some of the important locations where hotels should be careful about pest control are:

  1. Indiranagar – This location is densely populated which makes it a prime target of most pests. Any hotel located in this location is bound to get an invasion of rodents, bed bugs, and cockroaches. Hiring pest control services in Indiranagar, Bangalore at regular intervals is definitely advisable.
  2. Whitefield – The moneymaking location in the entire Bangalore can be said to be at Whitefield. It’s the place that has witnessed and is the cradle ground for many IT companies and other infrastructures. This implies that many people visit this location for business requirements and stay in nearby hotels. Any hotel having a bed bug infestation can lose more than just revenue. Calling up professional bed bug control services in Whitefield, Bangalore is highly recommended for regular inspections and treatments.
  3. Hebbal – Hotels near this area bustle with people as this location reserves tech parks, residential projects, and shopping malls. Any tourists or business affiliated trips will choose hotels that are close to the populace. Now, these hotels need to see that their guest rooms and kitchens remain free of pests like cockroaches. This location provides much publicity and any sightings of cockroaches and rodents can cause a severe hamper in reputation for the hotel. Exterminating pests on your own or calling cockroach pest control services in Hebbal, Bangalore from time to time can solve the issue for you.
  4. Marathahalli – Being close to Whitefield, HAL and other important places in Bangalore, Marathahalli is one of the residential hubs with affordable and comfy hotels. People reserve hotels in this area due to the low cost as compared to other localities and transportation facilities. But due to the closeness to a residential area, hotels should especially take care of rodents and bed bugs. Hiring professional rodent control services in Marathahalli, Bangalore should always be kept in the minds of hotel owners.
  5. Malleswaram – The final and most densely populated place is Malleswaram, and hotels here should be aware of the pests infiltrating their guest rooms and laundries. As the place is mostly residential ants, rodents and cockroaches might find their way into the guest rooms which can be disastrous. Mosquitoes are abundant in the area which calls for routine inspection by the staff of the hotel as well as regular interval mosquito control services in Malleswaram, Bangalore by professional.    

Keep your hotels safe and secure from pests and maintain your repute and status in the industry. Call on 080-4653-5800 in case of any professional help in pest control services.   

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