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Part -2: An Useful Monthly Deep Home Clean Schedule for 2021

Part -2: An Useful Monthly Deep Home Clean Schedule for 2021

By TechSquadTeam .     April 23, 2019

A deep cleaned home is a dream of every people. But there are daily chores which need to be done every day like sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning utensils, washing clothes and much more. But what about the tough stains on fans? What about the grease marks on your oven and fridge? The spider webs on the room’s ceiling? There are certain things which require regular cleaning. To help you in that, we have brought one most helpful monthly checklist, only for you! After all, we also deserve good admirers too!

But we have already discussed our monthly checklist in our previous blog. But not completely! Only January to June we have stated in it. You can check out our 1st half year checklist blog here.

Now, the time is to discuss 2nd half year checklist. So, let’s get started.

July: Wipe Down all your vertical surfaces

Vertical surfaces! What’s that? Well, to let you better understand, we have classified all surfaces into two sections - horizontal and vertical. While flat surfaces like tables, TV stands, kitchen countertops, the top frontier of the oven, etc. usually attracts dust and dirt which get sit on it. Thus, they need frequent wiping like once in every week. But vertical surfaces like switch plates, doors, windows, moldings, and cabinets don’t let dirt sit on it so smoothly. So, their cleaning once in every 1 or 2 months is enough. Wipe down all these things with a clean cloth and soapy water.

August: Move your appliances

You would be surprised once you see those scum and greasy dust sit under your fridge, oven and other big appliances. These are the places which are mostly ignored. Pull them out to vacuum and scrub the floor under them. Those small dirty areas also carry tons of germs and bacteria which can lead to serious health sicknesses.

September: Wash your windows

Though windows also come in vertical surfaces, its cleaning is tougher than cleaning windows and other areas. The first step you need to follow is to remove and vacuum the curtains and sills. Wash both the inside and outside of the windows. If your windows don’t slide-in for effortless washing, hire a professional cleaning services in Bangalore or find a trustworthy person who is comfortable in doing window cleaning on a ladder.

October: Clean out your bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet

It is absolutely surprising to see how tiny hair and dust particles get inside a drawer. Just remove any expired medicines or empty medicine sachets and old makeup tools. Vacuum clean all drawers, vanities, and use some plastic bins to organize your toiletries.

November: Wash your curtains

Dust tends to sit on the very top of your fabric curtains. Check the curtains’ fabric instructions and follow the same laundering and ironing directions.

December: Clean your lights

Now, again we have reached in the New Year month. In December, the days are short for falls, and the lights need to be brighter as possible. Dust and clean the lights and lampshades. Simply unscrew any glass or porcelain housings, and clean them using mild, soapy water.

I hope you liked our detailed monthly checklist. To know more about our professional cleaning services in Bangalore, contact us today or visit our website

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