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Important Things to do While Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming, exciting, and stressful. Not only you are shifting into a new house, but you are also beginning a new life. There are lots of things to consider while moving into a new home such as the entire home cleaning, organizing the things in a proper manner and many more. Apart from packing and unpacking, it’s what you should immediately do that makes a huge difference. Unpacking all your belongings, learning how your new house functions, prioritizing all the tasks you are going to do, all these things need to be immediately completed rather than waiting and figuring it out later.

So, now you have successfully moved into your new house without any hiccups along the way and you can’t wait to start your new life. It’s a big life achievement and you are proud of yourself. But, before having any friends and family over for a housewarming party, certain things need to be checked and done before opening that beautiful bottle of Champaign. There are several things to do, both easy and intense, before any delay. So, here are the things that you need to do as soon as you move into your new home:

Do An Inspection:

It is better to do an inspection of a house when it’s completely empty. Before unloading your furniture and starting unpacking, you need to be sure about a few important aspects, such as:

  • Check all the required repairs have been done as agreed by the previous owner
  • The house includes everything that was in the contract
  • Check all the electrical fixtures and outlets, and each system is in working

If there is any issue or not included according to the proposition, you must immediately contact your realtor and ask them to fix it immediately. This way you will know what is working and what is not in your new home.

Set Up Everything:

This is obvious but necessary. You must be having a basic idea of what goes where, but feel free to innovate. If you are a perfectionist, you must be having a plan of how to set everything up, but before designing the house, set up these things on a prior basis:

  • Set up all the necessary furniture in their respective places. Sofas go into the living room and beds go in the bedroom, and so on
  • Make sure your electrical utilities, gas, water, heater, etc. are well set up
  • Your electronics equipment such as TV, refrigerator, phone, internet, etc. are properly set up
  • Call your local waste management to let them know that you will be availing garbage pickup for your new home
  • Also, locate where the fuse box and water valves are located, so that you don’t have to panic at the time of the need

Do A Deep Clean:

The last thing you want is to clean up a whole house after being exhausted from all the moving. However clean your new house looks like, it certainly needs a deep clean immediately after you move in, to ensure it is free from all kinds of germs and impurities. After all the packing and unpacking, you might not have any energy left to clean an entire house. So, it is better to book professional deep home cleaning services in Kolkata to help you out.

Whether you pay with your time & energy, or with money, you definitely need your new house deep cleaned right away. The professional cleaners will deep clean each and every part and corner of your house effectively, without you even moving a muscle.

Know Your Neighbours:

They are going to your neighbours for god knows how many years and you need to have a good relationship with them. Meeting with your neighbours right after you just moved in is a lot easier and less awkward. Meeting your neighbours is helpful as they can provide you with the recommendations of local services such as plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, etc.

You don’t need to go door to door and meet everyone right away; you can do that at your house warming party. But, have an interaction with your immediate neighbours and introduce yourself. A little friendly behaviour goes a long way.

Moving into a new home is scary but exciting. You are beginning a new life in a new neighbourhood. Do not be ashamed to ask for help from friends or family or even your new neighbours. While all the necessary packing and unpacking are important to decorate your house, you need to check the above-mentioned points so that your new move is less tense and more relaxed, and safe.

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