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How to Throw the Perfect Housewarming Party

We Indians like to celebrate everything that comes our way. Be it buying a small apartment or building a bungalow, we always want to share that happiness with our friends and family. Whether casual or fancy, open invite or exclusive, a housewarming party is a great way to celebrate one of the biggest achievements of our lives. At a housewarming party, family members and friends congratulate and welcome your new house and help you transform it into a home. Moving into a new place can be scary and housewarming parties are a get way to know and interact with your neighbors. Well, taking all the things into consideration, moving into a completely new place is also one of the new norms of cleaning. 

Housewarming has kind of become a tradition for many years now. In rural parts of India, it is conducted more religiously, while in urban areas, it is more of a get-together or party. Well, the first thing to do for a party is to keep your house clean. But, since you have just moved, it would be a mess, so we recommend hiring professional deep home cleaning services in Chennai, to help your house get ready for the party. Here are a few points which will help you throw an awesome housewarming party:

The Guest List:

 The very first step is to make a guest list. Invite all your close friends, family, relatives, and co-workers (if you can spare). Invite everyone you want to share your achievement with.

  • The space you have for your party should be enough for the number of people you invite.
  • More people mean more expensive parties.
  • If you have a long guest list, try doing 2 – 3 small parties, rather than one. In this way, you will be able to interact with everyone and also you will be getting 2 – 3 times of fun.

The Budget:

The most important thing for any party is the budget. Before having the party, you should analyze how much you can spend on this soiree.

  • Take into account the number of guests that will be present at your party.
  • Do not spend a fortune to have the grandest party. It’s a housewarming party, not a wedding.
  • Make a plan of your budget that you are comfortable with and the areas you are going to spend.

The Date:

Most people throw a housewarming party immediately after moving in. But as per our recommendation, you should wait for a few days to get the timing right.

  • You should give yourself time to unpack, decorate, and clean most of your house to make it presentable for your party.
  • If you are low on budget, postpone the party a few months ahead so that you are financially feasible to have a nice sophisticated party.
  • Make sure all the important guests you want to invite to your party are available on your selected date; else it will be not as fun as you would have imagined.

Food and Drinks:

A normal housewarming party consists of snacks and rather light drinks such as beer, cocktails, mocktails, etc. so that the guests are mingling and have a tour of your new house. Before making food decisions, finalize your timing because it plays a vital role in the appetite.

  • If you are considering a dusky party, say 4 PM – 7 PM, you can offer snacks such as fried chicken, fish fingers, or paneer tikka, for your party. If you are considering a rather late party, say 8 PM onwards, you will need to feed the guests dinner.
  • Also consider the food choices of the guests you will be having over. If some guests are vegetarian, it is only implacable that you must have vegetarian dishes.
  • Another thing to consider is that will be ordering in or making it yourself. Ordering in will stretch your budget and preparing will take a longer prep time. So make your decision accordingly.
  • Drinks should be brought according to guests. It is better to have some of everything such as beers, red wine, whiskey, vodka, etc. Also juice and mocktails for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

The key to an amazing housewarming party is to spend what you are comfortable with and have no pressure. The guests will be there to support you with your new move and check out your new humble abode. In the end, a housewarming party is all about sharing the joy of your achievement with your near and dear ones. Last but not least, after a housewarming part, sorting the place all out with complete cleaning is the foremost thing to look after.


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