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How to protect your house exterior paint?

Only painting the exterior walls of your home is not enough to keep its appearance fresh and welcoming. Protecting the painted walls from damage and different weather conditions is also required. It can be a bit expensive to provide essential style and grace to the building. Also, protecting the exterior walls with the proper layering of paint or refreshing the paint job when it faces any damage involves a part of your salary. So, it is your decision whether you want to take steps to extend the life of your exterior paint or not.

A combination of cleaning and maintenance is what the exterior walls of your house in Bangalore city need. Please take a look at the below steps to avoid fading up or damaging the walls’ paint.

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Washing –

It is crucial to clean the dirt and dust from the walls away. Choose the right tools to avoid any wear down or crack in the paint while cleaning the walls. It is wise to avoid power washing tools to clean the external paintwork unless thinking about repainting. The washing tools jet is very powerful to blast off paint or damage wood, stucco (plaster), or brick.

Sprinklers –

Sprinklers are not suitable for exterior paintwork. Using sprinklers can spoil the exterior painting as its positioning is essential if you have a small yard. If the sprinkler heads are blocked, then the spraying of water can happen from any side and can cause a concentrated jet of water to damage the paintwork.

Playful Kids –

Kids love to play outdoor games. However, some rules on where to play and how to play can protect the exterior paint to some extent. There are a lot of issues that need to be solved unless you have to repaint the walls and other outside structures. Playing soccer goal game, writing on walls can damage the paint coat and can cause unattractive, black marks on the walls.

Flora & Fauna –

Keeping plants, bushes, and trees will certainly provide fresh air, a greenery view, and a beautiful look to the house. However, keeping those plants and trees near your exterior walls can damage the paintwork over time. Pets can do severe damage to paintwork while scratching the walls. So, train them to choose another location to urinate or scratch where possible.

Maintenance inspection –

Regular maintenance of your house is necessary for Bangalore. The existence of pests like rodents and termites can not only damage the interior and exterior walls but its paintwork too. So, check for dull or cracked paintwork that may worsen the wall further. If you encounter any pests nests or infested areas, do not hesitate to call professional pest control services in Bangalore to handle the situation.

Clean your gutters –

Sloped roofs, obstructed gutters, tiling, or tarring help to send dirt and debris to the exterior walls, sliding from roofs. Eliminate all the trash that gets collected on the roof and clean the blocked drains and gutters to prevent damp spots.

Repair, Reinforce, Renew –

Perfect paintwork of a building’s exterior is not an easy task. But thanks to professional painting services in Bangalore and to the advanced tools and equipment which help to complete the task with accuracy and on time. If you want to give a new look to your house or your exterior walls’ paints are peeling, cracking, or looking dull and dry, then contact TechSquadTeam. We provide strategically planned painting jobs at your doorstep at your preferable time.

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