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How to Prevent Yourself from the Flu

Flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease, commonly caused by the Influenza A or B viruses. Normally the flu appears during the change in seasons, mostly during the winter or early spring. When the virus attacks the body, it is spread through the upper and lower respiratory tract. When caught, it can lead to hospitalization with severe complications such as pneumonia or sometimes death.

While the best way to avoid getting the flu is to get vaccinated, acquiring good health habits also helps in preventing the spread of germs. Maintaining a clean and hygienic surrounding in your own home also helps in battling viruses. You can book TechSquadTeam for professional sanitization services in Hyderabad every now and then to stop the breeding of germs inside your home or workplace.

Common Symptoms of Flu:

The symptoms of the flu and cold are much similar, while the flu is much worse. The cold might make you feel down for sometimes, the flu will make you shudder and has the chance of killing you. Here are a few common symptoms of the flu:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Sore throat
  • Body pain
  • Headache
  • Stuffed or runny nose
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Prevention of the Flu:

While there is no guaranteed way to avoid the flu or influenza virus, you can adopt a few prevention techniques to reduce the amount of risk of getting affected.


Cleanliness and hygiene are the first steps to avoiding any kind of virus. Be it cleaning your surrounding or yourself, you need to practice both. For home, you can book TechSquadteam for professional home cleaning services for quick and effective deep home cleaning.

Although the flu virus is airborne, it can be transferred through contact. The virus can spread through shaking hands or coming in contact with frequently touched places. You must clean your hands with soap regularly along with before and after sneezing or coughing. While outside, you could use hand sanitizers after you come in contact with any commonly touched places.

Build Immunity:

The immune system of our body fights with all kinds of foreign elements such as the flu virus. When functioning properly, the immune system attacks germs and other threats.  While the immune system regulates itself, some disorders and long-term health issues can weaken the system.

Physical activity or exercising can have a positive effect on powering up your immunity. You don’t need to buy an expensive gym membership to build up immunity. Walking or jogging around your neighborhood a few times a week can really help increase your immunity.

High Nutrient Diet:

A diet having a high amount of nutrients can play a significant role in your overall health and help in improving immunity too. Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet that are rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, and Zinc & selenium. The anti-oxidants that are found in blueberries, red wine, and black tea also help your immune system against flu. 

It is also important to consume protein-based food or beverages that have probiotics, which are the friendly bacteria that live in our digestive system and influence our immune. You can consult a doctor or health care specialist about the types of food to include in your diet in order to boost your immunity.

Say No to Smoking:

Smoking cigarettes can have adverse effects on our immune system. Smoking not only affects that particular person but also everyone else in the house. Those who smoke have exaggerated responses to viruses along with those that cause and spread the flu.

Smoking can harm your lungs and damage your respiratory system. People who smoke have rather large complications from flu than those who do not. A study has shown that children who are prone to second-hand smoke are more likely to require longer intensive care in the hospital during flu, rather than those who are nowhere around smoking.

There is no 100% certainty to avoiding flu, even after you have taken the vaccine. But, there are certain major precaution techniques you can do in order to reduce the risk significantly. TechsquadTeam offers sanitization and fumigation services in Hyderabad, which will prevent bacteria and viruses to linger inside your home. Adhere to the above-mentioned ways to minimize the possibility of getting attacked by the flu virus.

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