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How to Prevent Termite Infestation in your House

Termites are those types of pests who enter your home and start eating all the wooden structures and whatever is made of cellulose. They pose a great threat to the structural integrity of the house. Be it pre or post-construction of your house, it does not matter, all that matters is a complete anti-termite treatment. Termites, also known as white ants, though are said not to carry any life-threatening diseases, can have smaller threats such as asthma, rashes, etc. They like living in colonies and also eat plant-based structures such as paper, cardboard, and even dead plants. If not eradicated immediately, they can make your house hollow from the inside and cost you a fortune while re-building.

Termites love to stay in dark, warm, and places that provide moisture. This is why they make their colonies inside your wooden appliances like beds, kitchen cabinets, chairs, etc. What makes termite infestations more dangerous is that they are very difficult to detect. You cannot know about a termite infestation until you recognize most of your wooden structures have become hollow. If you find termite infestation going out of your hand, try seeking the help of professional termite pest control services in Chennai. But, as we all know, prevention is better than professional treatment, here are a few points that will help in preventing termite infestation from your property:

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Avoid Moisture:

Moisture around your premises is one of the main reasons pests including termites are attracted to your house. Getting rid of the extra moisture content from your house will keep the termites away. To avoid excess moisture in your home you can even get a dehumidifier to help your cause. In summer, your air conditioner also can help to maintain the moisture content by keeping your rooms cool.

Check for Leaks:

Always keep an eye on any types of leaks or decay in your house. Walls having excess moisture content and decays roofs act as the perfect host for termites. Seal and fix all the leakages immediately after recognition. Carry out inspections of basements and dingy corners of your house frequently as these are the places that usually get overlooked which then allow pests like termites to enter your house. As termites make their way into your home through the soil, overlooked basements can act as the perfect gateway.

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Avoid Cluttering:

It is very important to de-clutter your house to prevent all kinds of pest infestation, including termites. Cluttered places having papers, cardboards, old newspapers & magazines provide a suitable place for termites to thrive. If the mess in your house is not cleaned, the number of termites can heavily rise within a matter of days. If you have any furniture or wooden structure that has been attacked by the termites, do not place them in another room without treatment, the termites could spread even more and attack new structures.

Separate Wood from Soil:

 If your home is prone to termite attack, make sure all your wooden structures are away from the soil. If you have a garden, maintain at least an 18-inch distance between the soil and the wood. By doing this, the termites will not be tempted enough to attack your wooden structures and the foundation of your home. To create barriers between soil and wood for termites, you can use stones and cement to separate them, especially in your garden and patio.

Use Borate before Painting:

Borate is one of the finest termite repellents that you can spray on your wooden appliances before painting or priming them. The wood soaks the borate and prevents the termite from nibbling and attack on them. After the borate spray has dried, you can have the wood painted or primed, and use them for doors, windows, etc. few good borate sprays are strong enough to prevent the termite attack for decades.

Keep Infested Items in the Sun:

Termites hate heat. If you find any structure that is affected by the termites, place them in direct sunlight for at least three consecutive days. After placing them in the sun, all the moisture is soaked, eventually killing the termites. After having them sun treated, dust the wooden structure and use termite spray on them before bringing them back into the house. You can also do the same with other wooden structures to keep them safe, even if they are attacked by termites.

Given the damage termite does to a house, you would want them gone as soon as possible. The best way to prevent termite infestation is to have a pre-construction treatment. For others, utilize the given points to avoid termites in your home. If the termite attack has gone unnoticed, it is better to call professional termite control services for effective and safe termite treatment. 

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