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How To Prepare Your Home For A Bedbug Treatment

We all say before going to sleep “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite." It is an age-old saying that causes us to believe, that night of peaceful sleep is interrupted by this tiny creature’s bite. This threat is more dangerous than the saying as these bugs are more than just an apologue. And these blood-sucking bedbugs are a nuisance and cause discomfort to human society. However, they spread very quickly and easily by keeping you unknown.

Despite our best efforts to get rid of these cunning bugs and their vicious bites, they can maneuver their way into your house. And, they enter your place, it becomes quite challenging to get them out, especially when they are well proficient in hiding themselves and even more skillful in multiplying.

Calling a professional Bedbug control in Bangalore is the best way to eliminate bedbugs from your house with some unified preventive measures to keep the bedbugs away from home. However, there are a few things you should be aware of and do from your end before you call the experts.

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The following pointers will help you in knowing about the preparation.

How will you prepare your home for a bedbug treatment?

To start the bedbug treatment, the first step is to wash all clothes including clothing, bedding, and sheets in hot water and place them under natural sunlight or in a dryer on the highest setting available on your washing machine. Don’t remove anything from your house until it is checked and don’t even try to replace something from the bedbug-infested house with other checked rooms. Wash and vacuum the floor space within your house.

How long will it take to treat the entire house for bedbugs?

The size of your house and rooms will decide the time frame required to complete the task. For example, if a room has big wallpapers, then it becomes challenging for the experts as the bugs can hide in slits and small openings. Carpet is the biggest challenge in every house as these creepy creatures can easily get refuse under its fabric. In total, if you say, what would be the maximum time you will have to spend in each room is 2 hours.

Does my house need more frequent treatment?

Ideally, two or three treatments by professional bed bug control in Bangalore are more than enough for your home. However, some exterminators like TechSquadTeam experts only require one or two depending upon the tools and equipment used.

Can bedbugs survive a wash cycle in the washing machine? Yes, of course, they can. The heat in a washer is not as hard as that of a dryer. So they can survive a cycle or two in the washer. To ensure all the bedbugs are killed, you need to put the clothes on the highest possible washing temperature cycle.

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