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How to keep your home clean from colors this Holi

If you ask any small child in India, which is the celebration of colors, joy, and happiness, then he will surely answer it with HOLI. This year, the festival of colors is right there at your doorstep, and the entire nation is eagerly waiting to celebrate Holi with their traditional gaiety, pomp, and enthusiasm. In Holi, colors are the main part of fun and frolic and the celebration will be full of heart, love, and togetherness.

But, how will you protect your house from getting colored in the vibrant hues of Holi? Getting rid of those stubborn colors is always a difficult task. At the same time, have you ever thought about the summer allergen from your home on this festive occasion? Well, Issues! This blog can help you to do so. Here, we have stated some solutions for you to protect your interiors from Holi colors.

Use safe colors –

Make sure that all the colors you use to celebrate Holi are vegetable-dye based. While purchasing colors, prefer eco-friendly, vegetable-dye-based colors and NOT metallic colors.

Celebrate outdoors –

Holi is a festival of togetherness, friendship, and joy, which should be celebrated outdoors. But if you want to celebrate it in partially enclosed spaces or inside the apartment blocks, then you cannot help to save your premises from colors. Regardless, if you have marble surfaces in your bathroom, hallways, and kitchen, then tape down plastic sheets over them. Also, ensure you mop large deposits with paper napkins, and wash them off with plain water. Despite all your efforts, the stains are still there, you would need the help of professional deep home cleaning services in the Bangalore team, like TechSquadTeam.

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However, to save your house from Holi colors, here are some smart techniques which you can follow.

Walls –

Walls and grounds are mostly affected by Holi colors and removing the stains from them is very difficult. So, it is good to take precautions rather than regretting in the future. Coat the interior walls with anti-stain varnish if the walls are painted with oil or luster paints. It would protect them from color marks. You can also push all the furniture against the walls so that nobody can get to the walls directly and touch with their colored body and hands.

Doors –

The door is the first thing that gets attacked by colors. If you use turpentine on the doorknob, then you can protect it from color patches. You can also use mustard oil which has the same effect as turpentine.

Floors and bathroom tiles –

You can make a mixture of baking soda and water and apply it to the stained area. Keep it for some time and brush it off. For marble walls, you can use liquid bleach.

Furniture and other furnishings –

The smart way to protect your furniture from Holi colors is t cover them with old bed sheets or newspapers. The wooden furniture can be cleaned with varnish. To remove color stains from the dining table or kitchen cabinets, take some acetone or hydrogen peroxide and wipe it off with a smooth cloth.

Bathroom fittings –

The bathroom gets colored when you enter it to take a bath after playing Holi. Bath will surely remove colors from your body, but it will get recolored on the bathroom walls and surfaces. So, the best and most effective way to protect your bathroom fixture is by applying petroleum jelly or using liquid detergents to remove the stains.

With the celebration of the festival of colors, we create lots of mess and cause garbage to form here and there. Though you can clean your home using the above techniques, choosing the right cleaning service company is the wisest thing to add more happiness to your celebrations. TechSquadTeam professional deep home cleaning services in Bangalore experts are equipped with various tools and trained with advanced technology to serve you a better cleaning experience so that you can enjoy Holi for a prolonged period.

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