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How to do Bed Bug Control in the Most Natural Ways

Bed bugs can become your worst nightmare once they have infiltrated your house. Bed bugs are introduced into your home through various ways like travelling and staying in hotels, transferred through pets, from one household to their neighbours if you are staying in apartments, or through clothes and other fabrics. Bed bugs can spread like wildfire in just a couple of days once they are introduced into a new place.  The quickest way to get rid of these nasty bugs is to hire a professional bed bug control in Bangalore or any place near to you.

We understand that hiring the best bed bug pest control in Malleswaram, Bangalore can cost you however it is also a fact that professionals are always recommended when you are doing a messy job like bed bug control. But you will be happy to know that there are certain natural ways to eliminate these bugs from your home so that the chemicals from the pesticide that is normally used while treating bed bug infestation do not harm you or your loved one’s health.

Below are a few of the natural ways in which you can control and eradicate the bed bug problem in your home.

However, the place which feels like heaven during a night party turns into hell the next morning because of the bedbugs. No worries, adopt some effective natural ways to get rid of bedbugs.

Hot washing the infested clothes and other fabrics –

Washing the clothes in hot water and then providing them with heat to dry is a proven method to kill all the bed bugs that might be attached to the fabric. If you have an extreme infestation then you should always first go for a professional bed bug pest control service in Malleswaram, Bangalore but if you are saving on money then definitely go for the heat treatment.

Using natural Diatomaceous Earth –

Most people might not be aware of this but Diatomaceous Earth is an off-white powdery substance that is a mineral mined from beneath extinct water bodies like dried lakes, ponds or even wells. The earth consists of fossilised single-celled algae which contain silica. This silica kills the bed bugs as soon as this earth is rubbed on the surface of the infested areas.

Vacuuming the infested area –

Vacuuming can be quite helpful when it comes to pest infestations like bed bugs. These pests are so tiny and when you regularly vacuum the infested areas, it becomes hard for them to move about or even hide away. Also, their eggs and nymphs can easily be removed by this method. Even professional bed bug pest control services in Bangalore or any other place for that matter include this technique during their treatments.  

De-cluttering the house –

Any home needs maintenance and it becomes a challenging task to manage the entire house daily. If you have kids, then more is the mess. But when you have pests lurking around the corner of your home you just can’t afford to clutter your home. Messy homes mean more comfortability for the pests to breed and hide. So, keep a clean and organised home which is sanitised regularly and you can see that pests like bed bugs stop spreading colonies and eventually stay away from your home.

Removing them physically –

When you see bed bugs, then you start to believe that you have a bed bug infestation. You might mistake bed bug bites and itchiness with rashes or allergies. So, the instant you see bed bugs you should pick them up and throw them out at once rather than panicking. The adults are easily found because of their dark colour. If you see one be sure that others are hiding somewhere near. Try searching for them on the headboard, bed frames or under the mattress. Once that is done it’s advised to call professional bed bug control services in Malleswaram or near your locality and they will inspect the intensity and remove the bed bug infestation along with their eggs. Just dial 07795001555 or visit and free yourself from bed bugs.

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